Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Monday 24th September 2015 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Dilley, Williams, Newman, Sharman, Winter, Snowball, the Clerk (Sue Bottoms), 5 members of the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Reddington, and Borough Councillor McMurdo.  The Parish Council agreed to accept their apologies.
  2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:
    1. i.            To receive written requests for a dispensation: none.
    2. ii.            To consider any requests for a dispensation: none.
  3. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on the 30th July 2015: These were signed as a true record of the meeting.
  4. Public Open Session (15 mins): None.
  5. Planning:

Applications Received:

15/01822/LBC 56 Radwell Road, MK44 1SH. Retention of first floor shower room on landing. No objections.

Applications Approved by Bedford Borough Council:

15/01558/TPO Chestnut Cottage, 7 Bedford Road, MK44 1RR. Horse Chestnut – High Pollard. Granted Consent.

6. Village Welfare: To consider and agree action regarding the following:

a)      To receive an update regarding the WW1 commemorative plaque: Cllr Dilley reported that he had collected the plaque and would arrange for its installation shortly.                  Action: Cllr Dilley

b)      To receive any update re: matters raised with Andy Prigmore of BBC:  As Cllr Reddington was absent it was agreed to put this on the next agenda.  Action: The Clerk

c)      To receive any update from Cllr McMurdo re: routing of school buses: As Cllr McMurdo was absent it was agreed to put this on the next agenda.  Action: The Clerk

7.  New Village Welfare Issues:

  1. To consider the problem of foliage from residents’ properties obstructing public footpaths and agree action: Cllr Sharman reported that since considering the sending out of a letter to households regarding this the main problem areas had been cleared up.  The area known as the WI garden had foliage significantly overhanging the pavement.  It was agreed to ask Warners to quote. It was further agreed to put an article in The Villager magazine. Action: the Clerk.
  2. Christmas Event: Cllr Newman agreed to produce an advert promoting the event.  Action: Cllr Newman.
  3. Remembrance WreathIt was agreed that the Clerk would arrange this.  Action: The Clerk.

8.  Finance:

i)        Decision: to accept the monthly reconciliation presentation: These were agreed.

ii)      Decision: to agree payments to be made: It was agreed to make these.

iii)    Decision: to consider and agree action with regards the financial information supplied by the PCC:  Following consideration of the information received, it was agreed to make a payment of £900 and an additional £250 towards an issue of the Villager.  It was further agreed that the Clerk should write to the PCC to ask for their accounts and predicted expenditure to be sent each year.  Action: the Clerk.

iv)    Decision: to receive the report from the external auditors BDO: This had been returned with no issues raised. It was agreed to accept this.

v)      To note the receipt of £1,076.76 being the share for the playing field from the profits from the Summer Fete:  The parish councillors thanked Cllr Sharman for his involvement.

vi)    Book Receipts: £50 had been received.

Cheque No Who To Amount (£)
DD BBC Salaries July 293.33
471 Express Monitoring (Website) 127.80
472 Milton Ernest Village Hall Trust 81.00
473 Warners of Bedford Cut 27/7, 30/7 276.00
474 Wildman Transport Glass Collection 66.00
475 Wildman Transport Glass Collection 66.00
476 BDO External Audit 120.00
477 Wrighton & Barker Millenium Plaque 453.00
478 Warners of Bedford Cut Aug and Sept 828.00
479 Maroon Planning 263.50
480 S Dilley NDP Room Hire 20.00
481 Wicksteed Playgrounds 72.00
482 Tree Specific 360.00
483 Milton Ernest PCC 1,150.00

9. To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

i)        To consider the two e-mails about rubbish under the railway bridge and near the car repair shop and agree action: The Clerk reported that she had reported the rubbish under the railway bridge to Highways at the Borough Council.  The rubbish near the car repair business was part of the area covered by the litter picker.  The problem is that between picks more litter appears.

ii)      To consider the e-mail regarding the request in the Villager re: bins on the grass verges on the same day as Warners carry out their cutting of the verges: It was agreed to ask Warners if they can cut in the village on a different day.  Action: the Clerk

10.  Reports by Representatives:-

i.  NDP Steering Group: Cllr Dilley reported that there had been one meeting since the last parish council meeting and it had focused on the findings from the questionnaire.  From studying the proposed 2032 local plan, it would appear that between 10 and 20 new dwellings would be expected to be built in the parish by then.  Cllr Dilley and another member of the NDP Working Group would be attending the briefing session on the 2032 Plan at the Borough Council on the 29th September.  Agreement had been reached from Locality to extend until the end of December the period when the grant monies had to be spent.  There had been a meeting with the consultant to consider putting together a draft plan over the next couple of months.  The longer term maintenance plan for riverside meadow would be reviewed as part of the NDP.  This would open up the area to wider public debate.

ii. Playing Field Committee: Cllr Williams reported that a meeting had taken place just prior to the parish council meeting.  For details see the minutes of the meeting.  Thanks to Cllr Sharman for installing the new bins.

iii. P3 Working Group: Cllr Winter reported that there was in fact only two people     involved.  It was agreed that perhaps the name of the group should be changed and when there was a project requiring help, an advert would go out inviting people to take part.

11.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: Reviewed and updated.

i)        Progress with Land Registry/Crown: The formal notice had been posted and there had been two written comments both supportive.  Mr Geoff Atkinson was now writing to the Crown with copies of the comments received and will attempt to firm up a price.

13. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 29th October 2015 at 8pm in the Village Hall.    

…………………………………………………………………………………….  Chairman  29th October 2015