Minutes of a meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday  26th March 2015 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.

Present:, Cllrs Dilley, Winter, Williams, Snowball, the Clerk, Mrs Sue Bottoms and 3 members of the public.  By agreement of the Council, Cllr Dilley took the chair.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs D Newman, C Sharman.
  2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:

To receive written or consider any requests for a dispensation: none.

  1. Resignation of Rachel Atkinson: Cllr Dilley expressed the view of the whole of the Parish Council in thanking Rachel for all her hard work and commitment on behalf of the Parish Council and the Village as a whole.
  2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26th February 2015: These were signed as a true record of the meeting.
  3. Public Open Session (15 mins):

Overweight Vehicles/Thurleigh Road: Concern was expressed about the number of such vehicles accessing the road often driving over the pavement.  It was agreed that residents be asked to identify the companies concerned and if possible vehicle numbers so the problem could be raised with the appropriate authorities.

Resignation of Rachel Atkinson: Mr Roy expressed his thanks for all that Rachel had done for the Village of Milton Ernest.  She had been both passionate and very committed.

  1. Planning:

Applications Received:

15/00641/FUL 3 Thurleigh Road, MK44 1RF. Detached garage rear/front and relocation of sun room.

Applications Approved:

14/02779/FUL The Beaver Woodchip Co. Radwell Road, MK44 1RY. Change of use of land to B2 (general industrial) with B1 (business) uses, and extension of existing building, hardstanding, landscaping and associated works.

  1. Village Welfare: To consider and agree action regarding the following:

i)   Decision: re Plaque for the Commemorative Oak: The artwork received from Wrighton and Barker was considered.  It was agreed that the Clerk circulate a photograph of the plaque recently purchased by Brickhill PC.  The Clerk also establish the font size of the writing and also whether the layout and style of font could be changed.                                                                      Action: The Clerk.

ii)  To receive an update re: dog fouling: Correspondence had been received by the Clerk from the Community Enforcement Officer at BBC.  He reported that stickers had been placed on lamp posts in the problematic areas and three patrols had been carried out but no offences witnessed.  If the problem persists then we are to contact him again.

iii) To discuss traffic volumes through the Village and agree the any action: The Clerk reported that having contacted Andy Prigmore at BBC he had replied that he was unaware of who had been undertaking traffic surveys.  But should the Parish Council be able to establish that he would investigate further.

iv) Footpath Radwell Road/Rushden Road: It was agreed that Cllr Dilley would have a word with the owners of the adjacent house.  Action: Cllr Dilley.

v) Purchase of gazebo for the Village fete: Cllr Sharman had reported via e-mail that the Village Fete Committee were planning to proceed with a VAT-paid purchase once the fund had been accessed.

vi) Sign – bottlebank at Milton Ernest Garden Centre: It was agreed that Cllr Williams would give Cllr Snowball the proposed wording and he would seek the views of the Garden Centre.   Action: Cllrs Williams and Snowball.

vii) 20mph flashing sign in Thurleigh Road: It was agreed that the Clerk ask Andy Prigmore at BBC if the sign’s flashing lights could be manually turned on and off.

Action: The Clerk.

  1. New Village Welfare Issues:

i)  Willow Tree Area behind cottages in Thurleigh Road: It was agreed that the Clerk establish if P3 were still active and if they could deal with the brambles etc.

Action: The Clerk.

ii) Grassed Area between A6 and Starey Close: There had been a request to allow P3 to maintain this area to avoid cutting back before the wild flowers had died down or to ask the grass cutting contractor to avoid the area till then.  It was agreed that the Clerk write to the resident asking if the recent cut had been acceptable and to say that provided P3 kept the area tidy, it would be acceptable to ask the contractor to leave the area to them.                                             Action: The  Clerk

iii) New items for the agenda: It was agreed that if parish councillors wanted new village welfare items to be discussed at the meeting they should send them to the Clerk by the end of the Friday prior to the monthly meeting so she could put them on the agenda.

iv)Neighbourhood Watch:  Cllr Snowball reported that a Spring newsletter was to be circulated with an insert regarding phone scams.

  1. Finance:

i)        Monthly reconciliation presentation: It was agreed to accept this.

ii)      Monthy Payments:

DD Bedford Borough Council Salaries (Mar) £240.67
444 S Bottoms Expenses 14.44
445 CPRE Subs 36.00
446 Community Dev Foundation Return of Grant 4656.57

It was agreed to accept the monthly payments.

iii)    Appointment of Gill Wriggs as internal auditor: It was agreed to appoint Gill Wriggs.

10.   To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

i)        Concern about dogs being exercised on the Village Green: It was acknowledged that there was little that could be done if the dog owners were tidying up after their animals.  It was agreed to monitor the situation and take action if needed.

11.  Reports by Representatives:-

i)        NDP Steering Group:  Cllr Dilley reported that the remainder of the grant needed to be repaid. Attempts were being made to get three quotes for the printing of the questionnaire which would be circulated around all residents and workers in the parish.  Cllr Williams suggested asking the BBC for a quote for printing.  A new grant of £5,000 had been applied for to complete the plan.

ii)      Playing Field Committee :  Cllr Williams reported that there had not been a meeting because of a lack of members.  Cllr Snowball offered to join the Committee.

iii)    P3 Working Group: The Clerk will establish is there is still a P3 group.

Action: The Clerk

12.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting:

Survey of Village Signs: It was agreed to ask for the “no cold calling” signs be removed and to continue chasing for the cleaning of the large green sign adjacent to the speed camera on the Bedford side of the A6.  A request would be made for the refurbishment or replacement of the “Milton Ernest” sign on the A6 approaching the village from Bedford. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Newman for his work.   Action: The Clerk

Village Sign/Radwell Road: It was agreed to take action on moving the sign once the work on the bridge had been completed.  Action: The Clerk

13. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 30th April 2015 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


Cllr S Dilley   30th April 2015