Minutes of a meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 30th April 2015 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Dilley, Sharman, Williams, Snowball, Newman, McMurdo, the Clerk (Sue Bottoms), 6 members of the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Winter.
  2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:
    1. i.            To receive written requests for a dispensation: none.
    2. ii.            To consider any requests for a dispensation: none.
  3. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26th March 2015: These were signed as a true record of the meeting.
  4. Public Open Session (15 mins):

i)        Elizabeth Evershed introduced herself as the Green Party Candidate in the Borough Elections.

ii)       Stuart Wilding introduced himself as a new resident with an interest in hearing any comments regarding 15/00891/FUL below.

  1. Planning:

Applications Received:

15/00891/FUL 3 Mill Court, Bedford Rd, MK44 1RP. Second floor rear roof extension to provide additional bedroom.

Applications Approved:

14/03089/FUL Mount Pleasant, 12 Radwell Road, MK44 1RY. Two storey front/side extension and porch.  Single storey side extension. Permitted.

15/00373/FUL 20 Arkwright Road, MK44 1SE. Single storey rear extension.

15/00352/FUL 13 Arkwright Road.  Two storey side extension to form annexe.

  1. Village Welfare: To consider and agree action regarding the following:

i)        Decision: re plaque for the Commemorative OakIt was agreed that the plaque would be in dark granite with writing in Times Roman in a letter size between the two options suggested.                                                                     Action: the Clerk.

ii)       To discuss traffic volumes through the Village, to agree any action and to request continuation of present school bus route post re-opening of Radwell Rd bridge: The Parish Council were in favour of limiting the school buses only to those that collect and drop off pupils in the village and to stopping the empty buses coming through the village.  Cllr McMurdo agreed to investigate the bus arrangements.

Action: Cllr McMurdo.

  1. New Village Welfare Issues:

i)        Update on resurfacing of River Lane/London End and to agree action: It was agreed that the resurfacing work already done was good but the problem remained as to what would be done regarding the 100m that could not be completed.  Cllr McMurdo reported that he had attempted to get an update as to what was going to be done but as the area did not have any big potholes it was not a priority.

ii)       Twinwoods: Cllr McMurdo was pleased to report that the freehold had been bought by Marcol who invest in real estate.  They have no plans for the future of the site and are keen to meet with the Parish Council.  Cllr McMurdo will make arrangements.                                                                 Action: Cllr McMurdo

iii)     Co-option: It was agreed that the Clerk would put up a notice on the boards and the website advertising the vacancy with a closing date of the 16th May.

Action: the Clerk

8.  Finance:

i)        The monthly reconciliation presentationIt was agreed to accept this.

ii)       Payments to be made:

447 Wildman Transport Glass collection £  66.00
448 BATPC Subscription £160.00
449 G Wiggs Internal audit £  85.00
450 Warners Grass cutting £828.00
451 Burges Salmon Re: land acquisition £499.68

It was agreed to accept these.

iii)     Quote to print NDP questionnaire – £656 + VAT (1200 copies): It was agreed to accept the quotation.  Cllr Dilley explained that every person in the village would be given a questionnaire as well as people who work in the Parish.

iv)     To renew agreement with BBC – £344.13: It was agreed that the Clerk should arrange this.

v)      Revised Quotation for refurbishment of the benchesIt was agreed to accept the revised quote of £392 as it is for 5 benches as opposed to 3.

9.   To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

i)        To consider whether to support the application of the Village Hall Trust for some funding under the Rural Grants Scheme for the extension to the kitchen: Mr Roy explained that the cost of the proposed extension could reach over £100,000.  To get funding from the Rural Grants Committee, the Trust would require support from the Parish Council.  The Parish Council was of the view that the cost of the proposed extension was excessive.  Mr Roy explained that the alternative option was to upgrade the current facilities.  The Parish Council felt that this was a preferred option.

10.  Reports by Representatives:-

i.  NDP Steering Group: Cllr Dilley had already updated the Parish Council.

ii. Playing Field Committee: Cllr Williams reported that Cllr Snowball had joined.  The next meeting would be at 7.30pm prior to the Parish Council meeting in June.

iii. P3 Working Group:  Clerk to pass Chris Smith’s details to Cllr Dilley so he could establish    the current situation with P3. It was agreed to remove this item from the agenda as there was rarely a report provided.                                                            Action: the Clerk.

iv) Village Fete: Cllr Sharman reported that the Committee has purchased some gazebos               which will be made available for hire.  The suggestion was made that the Committee should advertise them in the Villager.

v) Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr Snowball reported that a Spring newsletter had been printed and was in the process of being distributed.

11.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: this was reviewed.

i)        Village sign on the Bedford sideIt was agreed the Clerk contact Andy Prigmore about a replacement.                                                    Action: the Clerk.

12. Date of the Next Meeting: Monday 18th May (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council), 8.00pm in the Village Hall. This will immediately follow the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………….  Chairman