Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 29th May 2014 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs Atkinson, Williams, Newman, Winter, Snowball, Sharman, the Clerk Mrs S Bottoms and 3 members of the public.

1.   Apologies for Absence: were received from Cllr D McMurdo.  It was resolved to          accept these apologies.

2.   Election of Chairman and Signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office:

Cllr Atkinson was proposed by Cllr Winter, seconded by Cllr Williams and there                being no other nominations, Cllr Atkinson was duly appointed as Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3.  Election of Vice Chairman: No Councillors were willing to stand for the position.

4. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:

i)      To receive written requests for a dispensation. None received.

ii)     To consider any requests for a dispensation.  None received.

5.  Minutes of the Last Meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on 24th April 2014            were agreed and signed by Cllr Atkinson as a true record of the meeting. The            meeting then closed for Item 6.

6.  Public Open Session (15 mins):

  1. Clapham Access to the Business Park: Cllr Atkinson reported that Cllr McMurdo was still in discussion with the receivers/Allsops.
  2. Biogen Power Station:  There remained concern about the mix,class and quantity of material to be processed here upon completion.  Cllr Atkinson proposed that a group of concerned individuals be brought together to pursue the matter further.                                                    Action: Cllr Atkinson.
  3. 20mph Zone on Thurleigh and Radwell Road: It was agreed that this be put on the agenda for the June meeting.  Action: The Clerk.
  4. 30mph Sign/Thurleigh Road: This was still not done despite promises over several months.  Action: The Clerk.

The meeting then re-opened for Item 7.

7.  Appointment to the Playing Fields Committee: Cllrs Atkinson, Williams and      Sharman.

8.  Delegation arrangements to committees/working groups of the PC and other non-affiliated organisations:

NDP Steering Group: Cllr Atkinson.

P3 Working Group: Cllr Atkinson.

Village Hall Committee: It was not necessary to have a Parish Councillor on this    Committee. Neil Roy thanked Cllr Winter for his commitment to the Committee over   recent years.

Village Fete Committee:  Cllr Sharman.

Turner-Rolt Charity: Cllrs Williams and Snowball.

Town and Parish Council Network:  Cllr Snowball.

9.    Appointment of Councillors to Particular Interests:

Police Liaison and Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr Snowball.

Internal Review of Accounts:  Cllr Williams.

10.  Vacancy for a Parish Councillor: Following the resignation of Eric Bailey, the    Clerk reported that the vacancy had now been formally advertised.

11.  To Review and Agree the Council’s Standing Orders and Publication Scheme: It was agreed to delay this item until the next meeting.

12.  To review and confirm the arrangements for insurance cover in respect of all insured risks:  The Clerk confirmed that she had sought alternative quotations and       the current provider remained competitive. It was agreed to renew.

13.  To review and agree membership of CPRE and BATPC: It was agreed.

14. To agree the dates, times and place of ordinary meetings of the Parish Council for the coming year: It was decided to continue to meet on the last Thursday of          each month in the Village Hall but there would be no meeting in August or December.  The precept to be decided at the November meeting.  Action: The Clerk

15.  Planning: It was decided that the Parish Council would base their objection letter to        the Growing Beds application on the response of Thurleigh Parish Council.

16.  Village Welfare:

  1. Parking on the pavement Radwell Rd: It was agreed to monitor the situation.
  2. Sign for Riverside Meadow: It was agreed to ask Metrosigns to produce a sign with the revised wording.  A post would also be needed.  Metrosigns to liaise with Cllr Atkinson with regard the location and height above ground level.  The Clerk to establish the cost with Glasdon for an information board in “plastic wood”.                                                               Action: The Clerk
  3. Decision re.conifer opposite Riverside View: Clerk to arrange quotes.

Action: The Clerk

New Village Welfare:

  1. Grass Area Shoyswell and adjacent to the A6: It was decided that Warners be asked to cut these areas as soon as possible.        Action: Cllr Atkinson.
  2. Debris/River Lane: Cllr Atkinson to investigate.  Cllr Atkinson.
  3. Zip wire tightening: Action: Cllrs Williams and Sharman.
  4. Re-Surfacing River Lane and London End: Cllr Winter noted that planned resurfacing work was to take place within the year on Church Close.  It was agreed that the Clerk ask why London End and River Lane still remain in the current condition despite being on a previous 5 year plan.  Action: The Clerk.
  5. 20 mph Flashing Sign near the School: It was agreed the Clerk investigate how this might be achieved for Thurleigh Road in the area adjacent to the school.                                                                               Action: The Clerk.
  6. Bulky Waste Skips: It was noted that these were due in the Village on the 21st June.

17.    Finance:

  1. Acceptance of Monthly Reconciliation Presentation: This was agreed.
  2. Payments to be made: These were agreed.
  3. Annual Return and Annual Summary of Receipts and Payments: These were agreed and the Chairman signed the Annual Return.
  4. Annual Grass Cutting Grant for 2014-15: This was noted as £344.13.  It was agreed that Cllr Atkinson sign the paperwork.

Chq No Payee For £
391 Bedford Borough Council Underpayment of Salaries 20.00
392 Warners Grass Cutting 29/4, 2/5,13/5 552.00
393 Rosetta Printing Newsletter 78.00
394 Broker Network Ltd Annual Insurance 938.54
395 R Atkinson Refund for Room Hire NDP 20.00
396 Wildman’s April collection 66.00
DD Bedford Borough Council Salaries for May 230.14
397 R Atkinson Refund Room Hire NDP 40.00
398 R Atkinson Various 278.69

18.   To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

none received.

19.  Reports by Representatives:

NDP Steering Group: Cllr Atkinson reported that the Refresher Open Day had taken place and that Twinwoods, transport/traffic issues continued to be considered most important. The completion of the major part of NDP work was expected to be achieved by the end of December.

Playing Fields Committee: Cllr Williams reported that the report by Wicksteed had highlighted some minor issues but was generally satisfactory.  There had been some minor vandalism at the picnic bench.

P3 Working Group: Cllr Atkinson updated the Parish Council on recent activity.

Village Fete Committee:  Cllr Sharman discussed the allocation of activities for the day.  Cllr Atkinson reported that the barbecue would be organised by Eric Bailey, Geoff Atkinson and Alan Verney.

Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr Snowball reported that the no cold calling stickers had not yet arrived due to a delay in printing.  The defibrillator training would be on the 5th July and he would ask for the Villager to advertise the date.  Action: Cllr Snowball.

20.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: To be reviewed.

21. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 26th June at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


R Atkinson (Chair) 26th June 2014