Minutes of the meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 27th March 2014 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Atkinson, Williams, Newman, Winter, Bailey, Snowball, Sharman, the Clerk Mrs S Bottoms and 3 members of the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence: were received from Cllr D McMurdo.  It was resolved to accept these apologies.

2.   Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:

i)      To receive written requests for a dispensation. None received.

ii)     To consider any requests for a dispensation.  None received.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting: These were agreed and signed by Cllr Atkinson as                          a true record of the meeting.

4.   Appointment of Vice Chair:  No decision was taken as no councillors were willing           to stand.  The Parish Council meeting then closed for Item 5.

5.  Public Open Session (15 mins):

i)      Hearing Loop/Village Hall: A request was made for this to be used during Parish Council meetings.  Neil Roy agreed to organise for the next meeting.

Action: Neil Roy

ii)     Debbie Inskip Dinner: Cllr Atkinson was congratulated on her speech at the event.

The meeting then re-opened for Item 6.

6.   Planning:

a)    Applications Received:

13/02068/FUL Land Adjacent to Village Farm, 47 Radwell Road. Erection of New Dwelling and Car Port.

b)  Applications Approved:

14/00019/FUL 8 Starey Close, MK44 1RX. Single Storey Front Extension to Existing Garage. No objection.

14/00084/AOC The Old Rectory, 15 Thurleigh Road, MK44 1RF. 13/00958/LBC Condition 5 Doors – Single Storey Extension and Alterations to Dwelling.

14/00085/AOC The Old Rectory, 15 Thurleigh Road, MK44 1RF. 13/00958/LBC Condition 6 Windows/Roof Light – Single Storey Extension and Alterations to Dwelling.

13/02524/COU Hollow Farm, Rushden Rd, MK44 1RZ. Change of Use of Part Agricultural Building to B8 Storage and Distribution.

Other Matters:

Growing Beds: Following the presentation prior to the meeting with regard a possible future planning application from Growing Beds, the Clerk was to contact the Clerk at Ravensden Parish with regards their experience of the operation in their parish.                    Action: Clerk

Grave of John Michael Bryan: Following correspondence with Cllr Newman, it was decided that the Clerk write to Bettina Bryan informing her that the Parish Council has not received any plans for an extension to the Church. If plans were to be submitted in the future they would require local planning authority consent and, in that case, the Parish Council would be duly consulted.

7.  Village Welfare:

i.   Sign at Entrance to Riverside Meadow: Decision: the Clerk to investigate cost of an information board and also a “no vehicle access” sign.  Action: Clerk

New Village Welfare Issues:

i.   Play Equipment/Zip Wire: This needs tightening.

Action: Cllr Williams

8.  Finance:

Balances at the start of the meeting totalled £25,610.32.  This included £1289.67 received from the ME Playing Field Association.

Acceptance of Monthly Reconciliation Presentation: Decision: to accept this.

Payments to be made: Decision: to accept these.

Chq No Payee For £
374 Shaping Communities NDP Consultancy 223.05
375 Maroon Planning NDP Consultancy 209.00
376 Bedford Borough C Salaries Oct-Feb 1,012.53
377 Bedford Borough C Salaries March 332.19
378 S Bottoms Expenses 30.00
379 Arbormaster Tree Services Hedge/Riverside Meadow 250.00
380 Wildman Waste Recycling Collection in March 66.00
381 R Atkinson Reimbursement for NDP Hall Hire 40.00
382 C Horne Painting of Village Gates 180.00
383 Wicksteed Play Area Inspection 72.00
384 Maroon Planning NDP Consultancy 159.00
385 BATPC Good Councillor Guide 3.00
386 E Bailey Sand for Play Area 3.70

Leaflets to notify residents about bridge reconstruction work/Radwell Road: Leaflets have not yet been seen by some residents.  Cllr Snowball to contact Network Rail. Action: Cllr Snowball.

Updated Asset Register: Decision: to accept these with some alterations. The entry for June 05 football goals/nets was removed as these had been replaced. The village gates and the kick wall were added along with the memorial bench for Sheila Ibbett which is now the responsibility of the Parish Council to maintain.

9.  To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

Problem of Cold Calling/Zenith: Decision: following discussion, it was agreed to  purchase new no cold calling stickers £75 for 500.  Action: Cllr Snowball

10.  Reports by Representatives:

NDP Steering Group: Cllr Atkinson reported that the first sessions with the consultants had been useful. The next meeting of the Group would be 1st Tuesday in April. Minutes will come to the Parish Council to accept and will then go on the Parish Council and NDP website. Decision: to amend item 5 of Terms of Reference to: meet at regular intervals (4-6 weeks). At least 4 members to constitute a quorum.

Playing Fields Committee:

Decision: to give the Committee delegated powers to spend up to £100.

Decision: to ring fence £500 in the annual budget for playing field maintenance

P3 Working Group:

To appoint a P3 Working Group Terms of Reference:Decision deferred to next meeting to give councillors time to see it. Cllr Atkinson to circulate.

Action: Cllr Atkinson.

Decision: To consult with S Owen regarding the large conifer (Radwell Road opposite Riverside View).  Action: Clerk

Decision: to seek advice from Warners on how to improve the grass condition on the  Brandon Strip.                                 Action: Cllr Atkinson

Decision: To ring fence £300 in next year’s (2015-6) budget for purchase of wildflower plugs, bulbs, shrubs.

Decision: On purchase of 10 additional plants for the Riverside Meadow hedge – estimate £50.  This to come out of the ringfenced monies for Riverside Meadow.

Decision: Amend Riverside Meadow Maintenance Plan to add ‘Trim red stemmed dogwoods to 12” every 2/3 years to maintain colour’.  Action: Clerk

Village Fete Committee:  Cllr Sharman reported that the PCC had clarified that the Church’s insurance does cover the Village Fete and therefore the Fete Committee will not need to operate as a working group of the PC for insurance purposes.  The Clerk confirmed that she had informed the Parish Council’s insurers that the Village Green would be used.  The next meeting of the Village Fete Committee would be on the 14th April. A standing agenda item for the Fete Committee will no longer be necessary.

11.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: This was reviewed.

12. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 24th April at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


R Atkinson (Chair) 24th April 2014