Minutes of the meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 27th February 2014 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Atkinson, Williams, Winter, Snowball, Sharman, the Clerk Mrs S Bottoms and 9 members of the public.

1)   Apologies for Absence: were received from Cllrs D Newman, E Bailey and D McMurdo.  It was resolved to accept these apologies.

2.   Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:

i)      To receive written requests for a dispensation. None received.

ii)     To consider any requests for a dispensation.  None received.

3.  To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 23rd January 2014: It was resolved to accept the minutes.  Cllr Atkinson signed them.  The meeting then closed for Item 4.

4.  Public Open Session (15 mins):

i)      Dog Fouling: It was agreed that the Clerk request an additional dog bin at Flewton End.  She would contact the Borough Council and also seek permission from Bedfordia.   There was also a report of dog fouling in the garden of a specific property. She would contact the dog warden about this problem and dog fouling generally in the village.                                   Action: the Clerk

ii)     MK41 Postcode/Use of Thurleigh Road: Cllr McMurdo was pursuing this matter.

Action: Cllr McMurdo

iii) Litterpick/Thurleigh Road: Thanks had been sent to James Lynch and Doug McMurdo for organising this.

The meeting then re-opened for Item 5.

5.  Planning:

a)    Applications Received:

14/00019/FUL 8 Starey Close, MK44 1RX. Single Storey Front Extension to Existing Garage. No objection.

14/00322/HPN 6 Riverside View, MK44 1SG. Single Storey Rear Extension(s) 3m-6m depth.  (Householder Prior Notification).

6.  Village Welfare:

i.   To request a reduction from 30-20mph on Thurleigh Road/Radwell Road: Decision: To defer to April meeting                  .  Action: The Clerk

ii.  Annual Hedge Cutting- Riverside View: Decision: to consider the two quotes      by e-mail before the next meeting.             Action: The Clerk/Councillors

iii.Grass Cutting Contract 2014-6: Decision:  to accept the quote from Warners.

The Clerk to ask that Warners arrange to meet with some Parish Councillors ahead of the contract starting.            Action: The Clerk

iv.  Discussion and a Decision re: Further Action on Land Around Huntsman Way: Decision: Cllr Atkinson to seek advice from the Borough Solicitor including in relation to Baxters Land. The Clerk to get a quote from Simon Owen for a tree report regarding the trees on the land between 17-19 Huntsman Way and their impact on Butterfield Court properties.                                         Action: The Clerk and Cllr Atkinson

New Village Welfare Issues:

i.   Damaged Dog Bin: In River Lane apparently damaged by a vehicle.

Clerk to report to the Borough.

Action: the Clerk

ii.  Vehicles obstruction the pavements/close to the the junction of Radwell Road/River Lane: Decision: photographs to be sent to the Clerk who would forward them to the police.                                          Action: the Clerk

iii. Leaves opposite the Maltings: Decision: that the Clerk contact the Borough Council.                                                                      Action: The Clerk

7.  Finance: Balances at the start of the meeting totalled £24,320.65.

Acceptance of Monthly Reconciliation Presentation: Decision: to accept this.

Payments to be made: Decision: to accept these.  The Clerk was handed a cheque for £1289.67 from the MEPFA.

.Payments to be made:

Chq No Payee For £
DD Bedford BC Salaries Oct – February 1,012.53
369 Wildmans Trans of Glass Dec and January 132.00
370 Wicksteed Play Inspection 72.00
371 R Atkinson Refreshments at Christmas Concert 98.00
372 CPRE Membership 29.00
373 S Bottoms Expenses 30.00

Leaflets to notify residents about bridge reconstruction work/Radwell Road: No decision on this was now needed as Network Rail were paying for the leaflets

Appointment of internal auditor: Decision: to appoint Mrs Gill Wriggs who would charge £85.

Risk Assessment Report: Decision: to accept this.

Financial Regulations: Decision:   to accept these.

Updated Asset Register: Decision: to accept these with some alterations.

To purchase two bags of sand to undertake temporary repairs on the playing field: Decision:  to agree.

8.  To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:

  1. Has the new PFC conducted an audit of the playing fields equipment and if so what are their conclusions: responding on behalf of the new PFC, Cllr Williams reported that the Committee has continued with the monthly inspections of the equipment/playing field.  All is in order, apart from routine maintenance issues.  All items also appear on the Asset Register of the Parish Council.
  2. Has the new PFC gone through the PFA accounts and if so what are their conclusions as to the organisation’s state of health.  Was more than £10,000 spent on a kicking wall a good use of public money: Cllr Williams reported that no accounts have as yet been passed to the PFA from the MEPFA.  The Clerk explained that the figure of £10,000 was not correct. The wall cost £8,450 of which the Parish Council contributed £4,127.  The rest came from the MEPFA, the Youth Club and a private donation.  The decision to purchase the kick wall was made by the Parish Council on advice from the MEPFA and was purchased by the Parish Council.
  3. Have they established why it was that a member of the public felt that she had to pay £500 towards the kicking wall that was erected when funding was surely available from numerous other sources:  Cllr Williams responded that the PFC were not aware of this.  Perhaps the member of the public could make a direct approach to the Parish Council if she felt that the donation was not made freely.

9.  Reports by Representatives:

a)    NDP Steering Group: Cllr Atkinson reported that two sessions had taken place with the consultants and invoices for £209 and £223.05 needed to be settled to cover their expenses. She reported that the Group had produced a response to the Local Plan 2032 largely based on the answers gathered as part of the Parish Plan but also reflecting information gathered at the Open Meeting.  She was also attending a training camp with another member of the Steering Group.                                                                                                                      Action: the Clerk

b)    Playing Fields Association Committee: Cllr Williams reported that the new Committee had had one meeting. An appeal had been placed in The Villager requesting members to join the Committee (a maximum of 3) and also for volunteers to help with maintenance etc. The first proper meeting would be in March, the date still to be arranged.

c)    P3 Committee: Cllr Atkinson reported that a terms of reference would be agreed at the next Parish Council meeting.   The Clerk to seek advice about a 15 year old volunteer and insurance implications and whether CRB checks would need to be done on the other Committee members etc.    Action: the Clerk

d)    Village Fete Committee: Cllr Atkinson reported that for insurance purposes, the status of this Committee must be a Working Group of the Parish Council. It would submit its minutes and accounts to the Parish Council. Three members of the Parish Council would serve on this Committee including Cllrs Atkinson, Sharman and Bailey. Decision: to agree its Terms of Reference at the next Parish Council meeting. Decision: the Clerk to notify the insurers of the date of the Fete, 28th June 2014.  Cllr Sharman reported.  Cllr Sharman reported that a meeting took place on the 6th February and produced a copy of the minutes. The meeting had largely considered the constitution of the fete and its Committee and the allocation of roles and actions required of its members. The next meeting would be on the 17th March.

10.  Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: This was reviewed and updated.

11. Member’s Calendar: was discussed.

12. Date of the Next Meeting: is Thursday 27th March at 8.00pm in the Village Hall


R Atkinson (Chair) 27th March 2014