Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 26th September 2013 at 8.00pm

Present:- Cllrs R Atkinson, D Newman, J Williams, D Winter, C Sharman, D Snowball, the Clerk, Sue Bottoms and 7 members of the public.

1. Apologies for Absence:- Cllrs M Quince and D McMurdo.

It was resolved to accept the apologies.

2. Resignation of Martin Quince:- Cllr Atkinson reported with regret that she had received a letter of resignation from Cllr Quince.  It was resolved: to thank him for all his hard work on behalf of the Parish.  The Clerk agreed to notify the Borough of a vacancy.  Action: The Clerk

3. Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda:-

i.        To receive written requests for a dispensation:- none received.

ii.        To consider any requests for a dispensation:- Cllrs Newman and Winter declared their interest in the playing field.

4. To Approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 29th August 2013:- It was resolved: with a minor amendment, to accept the minutes of the 29th August 2013 as a true record of the meeting.

5. Public Open Session (15 mins):-

a)    Village Fete Committee/PlayingField Association Committee:  Mr Purser asked that the item 11d of the July Parish Council Minutes be amended to reflect the fact that the amount raised of £2,971 did not include monies raised by the Playing Field Committee. He asked why the takings/profit made by the PFA Committee did not feature in the Village Fete Committee Accounts.  It was resolved that the July minutes be amended. Action: The Clerk

b)     Defibrillator: It was two months since the installation of the equipment but who would carry out the monthly check required had not been sorted.  Ian Kirk had volunteered but not been asked.  It was resolved that he be formally asked.                                                                         Action: The Clerk

c)    Church Wall/Village Green: It was resolved that permission would be given to the Church Committee to access the wall. This would need to fit in with School use of the Green.  They would be expected to make good any damage to the grass.

d)    Overhanging Trees/Path:  on the west side of the A6 on the left hand side heading north just after the traffic lights.                       Action: The Clerk

e)    Water/Pavements:  Concern about the footpath Radwell Rd/Old Post Office.  Water runs from the expanse of tarmac adjacent and across the path and down the road.  Also near Roger Harris’s/The Old Barn/Radwell Rd when there is extensive rain and it affects the cars parked.   Action: The Clerk

6. Planning:-

It was resolved that Jo Williams be removed from the circulation list and look at plans online. The Clerk would notify all Councillors that an application was about to circulate. Before plans were passed on to the next person on the list, a check should be made to ensure they were around to receive them.     Action: The Clerk

7. Village Welfare:-

a)    Replacement Litter Picker: Following the resignation of Ben Combe, It was resolved that the Clerk advertise the vacancy on the noticeboard. Cllr Newman hoped he had managed to place a notice in The Villager, closing date mid- October.                                                           Action: The Clerk

b)    Training/Maintenance of the Website: It was resolved that the Clerk undertake training with John Alsop at £35 per hour.  He recommended approximately 2 hours.  She would then pass on her knowledge to Cllr Williams.  The Clerk would be willing to put information on the website for the church etc as needed. Discussion moved to the Welcome Pack for new residents.  It was resolved that the Clerk investigate getting further copies.  Cllr Sharman requested some copies.  Action: The Clerk

c)    To receive an update re:Twinwoods Concrete Road: It was resolved to thank CllrMcMurdo for all his hard work following his announcement that once details had been finalised and agreed with the agents acting for the Home office, the gate would be open later this month. David Purser was also thanked for all his hard work on this matter. It was resolved that Cllr Atkinson would find out whether the policy remained by which planning permission on the site would only be given if access was via the Milton Ernest gate. Cllr McMurdo would ask Bodyflight to change its signage.  Taxi drivers needed informing as the opened route would be shorter.

Action: Cllr McMurdo and Cllr Atkinson

d)    To receive an update re. the stray dog: The Parish Council had received reports of a stray dog roaming the playing fields near to Radwell Road. The dog officer attended the area and carried out some monitoring but no dog answering the description given was seen however a dog owner was seen exercising a dog in breach of the “No Dogs” notice which was clearly displayed at the entrance to the playing fields. The officer spoke with the owner and took their details which will be passed to Alison Ivatt, Service Manager (Environmental Services) who may be able to take further enforcement action. If the dog is seem again then please report on 01234 228097.

e)    Update on Riverside Meadow Enhancement: Cllr Atkinson reported that John Comont, Conservation Manager for the local branch of the Wildlife Trusts was happy to meet to discuss how to achieve a viewing and sitting area with the minimal impact on the riverbank habitat. Cllr Newman reported plans to move the hedge back and re-seed the wildflowers before the Spring.  This needed to go on the agenda for discussion at the end of January.

f)     Hedge at end of River Lane:-  It was resolved that Parish Councillors should visit the area and decide whether it needs widening.    Action: All Parish Councillors

g)     New Village Welfare Issues:-

i.        Leaves on pavement opposite Maltings:- It was resolved that the Clerk contact the Borough as these become a hazard when  wet.                                                                                                   Action: The Clerk

ii.        Request from a Resident for Staggered Railings/South End of Old Post Office Footpath: It was resolved that the Clerk contact the Borough Council.   Action: The Clerk

iii.        Land between 17-19 Huntsman Way: It was resolved that the Parish Council should write a letter to local residents, explaining that this land is an open public area, free to be used by all local residents.  Action: The Clerk

iv.        Fly Tipping/New Road:- Cllr Sharman reported that there were two amounts 50 yards apart.  Is this a hot spot for fly tipping or are there other areas.  If so then we could ask Cllr McMurdo if the Borough Council could focus on them.                                                                                                                                                                 Action: The Clerk

v.        Weeds around the Village: Could Parish Councillors let the Clerk know of affected areas and she will ask Grangers to carry out a Village wide spray.                                                                               Action: The Clerk

8. Finance:-

a)    Decision on acceptance of Monthly Reconciliation Presentation:- It was resolved to accept the reconciliation.  Balances at the start of the meeting totalled £20,163.33.

b)    Decision on payments to be made:-

347 Wildman Transport Ltd (Sept) Waste Disposal £66.00
348 Village Hall (Jan-June 13) Room Hire for 6 months £81.00
349 Douglas Tonks Clerk’s Salary/PAYE July-Sept £659.58
Total £806.58

It was resolved to accept the payments to be made.

9. To receive written correspondence and to agree action:

a)    E-Mail regarding the decision taken at the July PC meeting to divert ring fenced funds to fund a kick wall on the playing fieldIt was resolved that as the member of the public was not present, the Clerk would forward the written response from Cllr Newman. Cllr Atkinson said that whilst village wide consultation should be undertaken on all issues covered by the Parish Plan, the pragmatic view in this instance was that as the Youth Club came to the PFA, this was consultation enough as they would be the main users of the equipment.                                                        Action: The Clerk

b)   Request for £200 by Neighbourhood Watch: It was resolved to ring fence this amount on behalf of the group.                                          

10) Reports by Representatives:-

a)    Neighbourhood Development Plan – RAE-DPP:- Cllr Atkinson explained to the Parish Council the background leading up to the decisions being asked of them. She was becoming concerned about the lack of participation by some of the parishes represented on the joint committee. At its September meeting, the Steering Group made a unanimous decision to recommend that MEPC revokes the motion passed 7 February 2013 namely:

10.1)  It was resolved to approve funding for the RAE DPP at a rate of £125 per quarter, starting on 5th April 2013. It was resolved to prepare an NDP and delegate the task for selected areas to the RAE DPP and agree to its constitution. Cllr Atkinson reported that she was confident that funding would be available for consultancy fees.  Following discussion:-

It was resolved: to revoke the motion which was passed by MEPC on the 7th February 2013.

It was resolved: to terminate the arrangement whereby RAE DPP is funded £125 per quarter and to request a return of Milton Ernest Parish Council’s share of the unused funds previously contributed. These were to be used to cover the administration costs of the Steering Group. It was further resolved: that the Clerk write to the Clerk of the RAE DPP for a copy of their accounts to identify the size of the unused funds.                                                               Action: The Clerk

It was resolved: to approve the appointment of Sue Bottoms as Clerk to Milton Ernest Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.

It was resolved: to approve the funding of the salary of Sue Bottoms as Clerk to Milton Ernest Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.

It was resolved: that the Parish Council would continue to liaise with the RAE-DPP as it was important to demonstrate that MEPC has liaised with adjacent parishes.

b)    Village Hall Committee:-  Next meeting on 7th October.

c)    Playing Field Association Committee:- Cllr Newman reported that the kick wall was to be installed mid October.  A meeting had taken place with Jackie Fraser from the Borough regarding safety issues. The crack around the Apollo is to be filled with sand as a temporary measure. A possible safety grant was mentioned. The bins needed emptying.  The next meeting would be in April.

d)    P3 Sub-Committee:-  A walk around the village was taking place next week.

e)    ME Steering Group/ Neighbourhood Development Group:- see under a) above.

f)     Neighbourhood Watch:- Nothing to report.

g)    Village Fete Committee:- no meeting till January. Cllr Newman will come up with some ideas regarding the Christmas Concert/Lights and put something in The Villager. Brian Gale kindly offered to sell tickets.                                                                                                       Action: Cllr Newman and Brian Gale

11. Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting: this was agreed.

12. Member’s Calendar: This was noted.

13. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 31st October at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.

Chairman ……………………………………………

31st October 2013             Mrs Rachel Atkinson