Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Thursday 29th August 2013 at 8.00pm
Present:- Cllrs R Atkinson, D Newman, J Williams, M Quince, C Sharman, D Snowball, the Clerk, Sue Bottoms, Borough Cllr D McMurdo and 5 members of the public.
1. Apologies for Absence:- Cllr D Winter.
It was resolved to accept the apologies.

2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda:-
i. To receive written requests for a dispensation:- none received.
ii. To consider any requests for a dispensation:- Cllr Newman declared his interest in the playing field.
3. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 1st July 2013:-
It was resolved to accept the minutes of the 1st July 2013 as a true record of the meeting.

4. Public Open Session (15 mins):-
It was reported that the 30mph signs on Thurleigh Road were not yet clear of vegetation but that Amey were due to bring in a tractor flail machine to carry out the work.
It was reported that part of the footpath in Church Close was being obstructed by brambles coming from the garden of a BPHA house. Cllr McMurdo to contact Highways. Action: Cllr McMurdo
All other concerns were to be dealt with under later items.

5. Planning:-
a) Applications Received:-
i. 13/01669/LBC Various Works including Re-Roofing, Repairs and Alterations to the Existing Fabric of the Stone Cottage. Stone Cottage, Flewton End, Milton Ernest
ii. 13/01461/TPO The Old Police House, 20 Rushden Rd, MK44 1RU Fell 3 Ash trees and pollard a further 4 to half original – no objections
iii. 13/01438/FUL 23 Riverside View, MK44 1SG First Floor Rear Extension
b) Applications Approved:-
i. 13/01266/LBC 13 Radwell Road, MK44 1RY Internal Alterations to First Floor
ii. 09/02414/FUL The Old Mill, Bedford Road, MK44 1RJ Conversion of part of structure to a dwelling etc.
iii. 13/00957/FUL and 13/00958/LBC The Old Rectory, Thurleigh Rd, MK44 1RF Extension and Alterations
6. Parish Action Plan – To receive:-
a) Report by Cllr McMurdo on Progress with A6 “Average Speed” Cameras:- Cllr McMurdo reported that people were being prosecuted.
b) Report by Cllr McMurdo on Progress with Allotment Provision:- Cllr McMurdo reported that he had identified a possible piece of land and agreed to pursue it with the landowner. Action: Cllr McMurdo
c) Report by Cllr Atkinson on Progress with Land Registry:- Cllr Atkinson reported that Geoff Atkinson was undertaking this work. She would circulate a report in time for councillors to consider before the next meeting. Action: Cllr Atkinson
It was resolved to accept all the reports under (6).

7. Village Welfare:-
a) Report by Cllr McMurdo on Progress of Road Layout and Signage around Thurleigh Road:- Cllr McMurdo reported that this was in hand.
b) Decision regarding Huntsman Way-Garage Access:-
It was resolved that Cllr Newman would visit the Records Office to try to establish evidence that the Parish Council had been cutting the area over past years. It was further resolved to ask C Horne to carry out the work as he has Borough Council approval to carry out such work. Action: Cllr Newman/The Clerk
c) To receive a report on the Playing Field Development:- Cllr Newman reported that four quotes had been obtained with Wicksteed chosen to supply the equipment. It was due to be installed in September/October.
It was resolved to accept the report.
d) To receive an update on the Riverside View Play Area:- Cllr Williams reported that who owns the adjacent shrubbery is not clear. It was resolved that she should continue pursuing the matter. Action: Cllr Williams
e) Decision on the quote to cut Riverside Meadow Area:- It was resolved to accept the quote from Mr Towler for a total of £370 for cutting, raking and taking.
Action: The Clerk
f) Defibrillator:
a) Decision regarding Voluntary Emergency Telephone System:- It was resolved that the Parish Council fund the £100 needed.
b) Decision – who should be appointed to carry out regular checks:- It was resolved that Cllr Snowball put a report in The Villager asking for volunteers for i and ii. Action: Cllr Snowball
g) Decision – where the two advisory signs should be sited in the Village:- It was resolved that the signs should be placed at the garden centre and the pub. Action: The Clerk
h) Decision regarding the Bottle Bank and Response to Garden Centre:- It was resolved that a sign was not needed and the litter picker be asked to check regularly. Cllr Snowball to speak to the manager. Action: Cllr Snowball
i) To receive report on crimes for beat 703 30/6/2013-1/8/2013:- It was resolved to accept the report and to ask if Yarlswood could be removed from the beat records for Milton Ernest. Action: The Clerk
j) Discussion ref. dead Chestnut tree near listed gates on A6 and decision on action:- It was resolved that Cllr McMurdo contact the tree officer to establish what action to undertake. Action: Cllr McMurdo
k) Decision regarding the maintenance and update of the website:- It was resolved that the Clerk and Cllr Williams enquire with Express Monitoring about training .It was felt this would address the question from a member of the public about access to the web site.
Action: The Clerk
l) New Village Welfare Issues:-
a) Follage overhanging stone wall opposite Maltings:- Cllr McMurdo to take up with the Borough Council. Action: Cllr McMurdo
b) Radwell Road/Overhanging trees from A6-Church Close and Fir Tree:- It was resolved that Cllr Snowball and P3 would take a look.
c) Louvres on Bollard/River Lane:- It was resolved that Cllr Sharman follow this up.
Action: Cllr Sharman
d) Speeding in Radwell Road:- Cllr McMurdo to take up with SNT. He reported that the 40-30 round of speed extensions due anytime now. Action: Cllr McMurdo
e) Request from a Resident for Staggered Railings/South End of Old Post Office Footpath: Cllr Sharman brought this to the attention of the Parish Council. The resident was concerned about the need improve the safety of children on bicycles. To be discussed at the next meeting.
8. Finance:-
a) Decision on acceptance of Monthly Reconciliation Presentation:- It was resolved to accept the reconciliation. Balances at the start of the meeting totalled £22,299.39.
b) Decision on payments to be made:-
340 Wildman Transport Ltd (July) £ 66.00
341 Wildman Transport Ltd (Aug £ 66.00
342 Clerk’s Expenses £ 60.00
343 DPO LLP Audit £ 120.00
344 Ben Combe Litter Picking £ 40.00
Total £ 352.00
It was resolved to accept the payments to be made.
c) To receive a report on the completion of the Annual Audit:- The Clerk reported that this had been returned from the external auditors without any comments. The Clerk would display as required. It was resolved to accept the report. Action: The Clerk
d) Decision on change to bank mandate:- It was resolved to add Cllrs Atkinson and Quince to the mandate as signatories and the mailing address changed to Sue Bottoms, the Clerk. Action: The Clerk
e) Decision on a 1% increase in the Clerk’s salary as agreed by NATPC backdated to 1st April:- It was resolved to accept this.
9. To receive E-mailed questions from members of the public and to agree action:
a) Regarding anti-social behaviour at the picnic area/Riverside Meadow:- Following discussion, it was resolved to monitor the situation with regards individuals and cars and consider if necessary in the future the installation of bollards and signs. Cllr McMurdo encouraged the calling of police if a gathering begins. He had asked for police patrols over the weekend.
b) Regarding progress on the re-opening of the Twinwoods concrete road to the Yarlswood Immigration Centre:- Cllr McMurdo updated the Parish Council.
c) Litter problems:- Following discussion it was confirmed that the litter picker does 2 hours per week and collects up to the 30mph sign on Thurleigh Rd. It was resolved that the Clerk would ask Debbie Shrimpton at the Borough Council to arrange a litterpick at a selected hotspot in the village. Action: The Clerk
d) PFA and funding:- Following discussion, it was resolved that the decision made by the Parish Council at the previous meeting was acceptable. Cllr Newman answered the questions posed with regards PFA funding.

10. Reports by Representatives:-
a) Neighbourhood Development Plan – RAE-DPP:- Cllr Atkinson reported that the NDP Project Brief would be completed by end of October. A meeting was taking place next week with Paul Rowland regarding RAE-DPP.
b) Village Hall Committee:- The toilet upgrade has improved the profile of the Hall and more groups are now using the facility. Next project is the kitchen area, an architect has been appointed.
c) Playing Field Association Committee:- A meeting with Jackie Fraser from the Borough regarding safety issues.
d) P3 Sub-Committee:- A walk around the village was taking place next week.
e) ME Steering Group/ Neighbourhood Development Group:- 7 members had been attracted via The Villager, the aim is for 10.
f) Neighbourhood Watch:- The garden centre dog show was well attended. Dog Watch has started in Milton Ernest. 230 households have joined NW, all but one street has a street co-ordinator.
11. Review of Actions Summary from Last Meeting:-
a) P3 Tree Work:- The Clerk has informed Cllr Atkinson of the trees involved and she will pursue with P3. Action: Cllr Atkinson
b) Survey of Village Paths:- It was resolved that Cllr McMurdo contact Andy Prigmore at the Borough Council. Cllr Sharman agreed to send his survey to him.
Action: Cllrs McMurdo/Sharman
c) Commemorative Seat:- It was resolved that Cllr Newman contact Maureen Catlin and tell her that MEPC had agreed to spend £50 to cover the costs of installation.
Action: Cllr Newman
d) Brandon Strip:- The Clerk agreed to chase Chris Horne. Action: The Clerk
e) Path between Huntsman Way/Radwell Road and weedspraying adjacent to Brandon Strip:- The Clerk to chase. Action: The Clerk
12. Member’s Calendar:- Nothing to add.
13. Date of the Next Meeting is Thursday 26th September at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Chairman ……………………………………………
Mrs Rachel Atkinson
26th September 2013