Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Ernest Parish Council held on Monday 1st July 2013 in The Village Hall, Milton Ernest at 8.00pm.

Present: Cllrs D Newman, Jo Williams, R Winter, M Quince, C Sharman, the Clerk, Mrs Sue Bottoms and five members of the public.

Public Forum:-

The public were pleased to see on the agenda that the Parish Council were to clarify and make a decision regarding the need to give notice of a contribution to the public forum.

1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs R Atkinson, D Snowball and Borough Councillor D McMurdo. In the absence of Cllr Atkinson, Cllr Quince took the Chair.

It was resolved: to accept the apologies.

2. Declaration of Interest in Items on the Agenda: Cllrs Newman and Winter declared an interest in 9d, playing field development.
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Cllr Newman proposed, Cllr Sharman seconded and it was resolved: to accept the minutes of the 6th June 2013 as a true record of the meeting.
4. New Clerk:

It was resolved: to confirm the appointment of Mrs Sue Bottoms as the new Clerk to the Parish Council.

5. Planning Applications:

13/00957/FUL The Old Rectory, Thurleigh Rd, MK44 1RF

Extension and Alterations.

It was resolved: to make no objections.

6. Matters Arising:

  1. a. Report on Progress of Road Layout and Signage around Thurleigh Rd (09/10/4p). Discussion of BBC proposals for width restriction etc – to be reported on at next meeting.
  2. b. Report on the Old Post Office & Other Footpaths (09/02/6a):-

Amey are to refurbish 20m of path and believe their design will ensure mud is washed away.

Cllr McMurdo

7. Parish Action Plan:

  1. a. Report on Progress with A6 “Average Speed” Cameras (07/12/11d): to be reported on at next meeting.
  2. b. Report on Progress with Land Registry (07/04/8): Land registry want evidence that the Council has an on-going involvement.This is being undertaken by Geoff Atkinson.
  3. c. Report on Progress with Allotment Provision:  to be reported on at next meeting.

Cllr McMurdo

Cllr Atkinson

Cllr McMurdo

8. Finance:

a. Financial Situation @ 30th June 2013
Bank Balances @ 31st May 2013
HSBC Community A/C £    26,100.30
HSBC BMM £           27.16
Total in bank accounts £    26,127.46 £        26,127.46
Receipts since last reconciliation
BBC Grass cutting grant £         344.13
Book Sales £           50.00
Total £         394.13 £             394.13
Total £        26,521.59
Payments since last reconciliation
Clerk’s Expenses £           30.00
Ben Combe Litter picking £           40.00
Chris Horne Gardens Ltd – “Gates” £      1,320.00
Wildman Transport Ltd £           66.00
MJ Granger Ltd £      1,192.70
Clerk’s Salary £         535.50
CPRE £           29.00
Broker Network Ltd – Insurance £         920.55
Total £      4,133.75 £          4,133.75
Calculated Balance @ 30th June 2013 £        22,387.84
c/w Actual Bank Balances @ 30th June 2013
HSBC Community A/C £    22,360.68
HSBC BMM £           27.16
Total in bank accounts £    22,387.84 £        22,387.84
Receipts yet to be credited
None £                 –
Total £                 – £                    –
Cheques not presented
Total £                 – £                    –
Payments to be made
Clerk’s Expenses £           30.00
Ben Combe Litter picking £           40.00
The Tree People £         228.00
Express Monitoring £           10.20
Total £         308.20 £             308.20
Total Committed Expenditure £             308.20
Latest position £        22,079.64
Ring-fenced Funds £          5,722.60
Position at month-end exc. ring-fenced funds £        16,357.04

It was resolved: to accept the Monthly Reconciliation Presentation and the payments to be made.
9. Village Welfare:

  1. a. Report on 64 Radwell Road – Adjacent Trees: The Tree People explained they only raised the crown of the Norway Maple trees as there was no internal growth to reduce them back to. They try to follow BS 3998 which recommends reducing branches back to a live side limb.  The only way this would be possible would be to take 3-4ft off the ends of each limb (approximately a 5-10% reduction) which would do little to help the subsidence issues.  Cllr Atkinson has up-dated the loss adjuster and Land Registry that pruning has taken place supporting the idea that the Council is acting in the manner of a responsible owner.

It was resolved: to accept the report.

  1. b. Huntsman Way-Garage Access:

It was resolved: that the Clerk obtain quotes for a triangular      fillet of base 1m by length 5m.

  1. c. Riverside Meadow Enhancement:

It was resolved: that Cllr Williams would send the draft letter complied by Cllr Atkinson to the Bedfordshire Wildlife Trust soliciting ideas for the Riverside Meadow development.

  1. d. Playing Field Development: Cllr Williams proposed, Cllr Quince seconded and it was resolved that £4,127 of ring-fenced funds generated from the sale of the Importance of Milton Ernest should be used to purchase goal mouth/multi-use equipment. Three quotes should be sought and the most cost effective/best value for money one chosen.

Cllr Williams proposed, Cllr Quince seconded and it was resolved to site the mini-goals/kicking walls at each end of the basketball court.

  1. e. Cultivation of the “Brandon Strip”:

It was resolved: to accept the advice of Chris Horne and simply strim/cut the grass/weeds as they are; seeding or turfing would need watering in the summer which would be difficult. Repeated strimming/cutting would eliminate the weeds and leave rough grass.

It was resolved: that the Clerk ask Chris Horne to quote for the removal of the tree stump and tarmac and  Cllr Quince would ask P3 regarding cutting/strimming. In September it might be necessary to seed.

  1. f. Village Defibrillator:

It was explained that no training was needed to use the equipment.  It did need to be located near an electricity supply.

It was resolved: that the Clerk approach the Village Hall to accept the location of the machine on an outside wall.  If that was not possible then she should approach the pub.

  1. g. Notice Required to Address the Council:

It was resolved: that members of the public could attend the Parish Council meeting and without prior notice, ask a question.

If a decision was needed, it would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.  As decisions can only be made if placed on the agenda, questions requiring a decision need to be sent in writing/ verbally given to the Clerk 3 clear days before the meeting.

  1. h. Discussion on Changing the Day of the Parish Council Meeting:

It was resolved: to have the meeting monthly on the last Thursday at 8.00pm in the Village Hall. Clerk to change the date of the next meeting (see below).

  1. i. Riverside View Play Area: Cllr Williams reported that the Borough Council was responsible for the maintenance of this area. That should include the shrub/hedge adjacent. 

It was resolved: Cllr Williams should contact the Borough.

  1. j. New Village Welfare Issues:
    1. i. Resident Complaint about Rubbish in Neighbour’s  Garden:

It was resolved: that the Clerk write to the resident explaining that there is nothing the Parish Council can do as it is in a private garden and there is no environmental concern.

  1. ii. Overhanging Trees/Radwell Road: These are now protruding on to the road/overhanging the path and are likely to be close to touching passing cars/buses. It was resolved that the Clerk contact the authorities.
  2. iii. Pathway between Huntsman Way/Radwell Road: It was resolved that the Clerk report that some bushes and weeds were still protruding into the pathway.
  3. iv. Playing Field Grass:

It was resolved: that the Clerk contact Grangers to report                  that the grass is too long and untidily cut. They need to be reminded that the cut should be to football pitch standard length.

  1. v. Weed Spraying Adjacent to the Brandon Strip: Grangers reported that weed spraying is only done once a year in April and is done in road channels and the back of kerb.

It was resolved that the Clerk enquire about the weeds adjacent to the path/fence adjacent to the Brandon Strip.


Cllr Williams









Cllr Quince

The Clerk

The Clerk

The Clerk

Cllr Williams

The Clerk

The Clerk

The Clerk

The Clerk

The Clerk

10. Correspondence: was circulated around the Parish Councillors.

  1. a. Neighbourhood Area Application Decision Statement:

Notice had been received that Bedford Borough Council considered that the application received from Milton Ernest PC meets the requirements and has designated the area as “Milton Ernest Neighbourhood Area”.

11. Reports by Representatives:

  1. a. Neighbourhood Development Plan – RAE-DPP: There had been a stand at the Fete and a lot of hard work outlining the concept of the NDP and calling for volunteers for a Village Residents Steering Committee; four people expressed an interest including at least one with relevant current experience.
  2. b. Village Hall Committee: no meeting till October. An interactive board was being installed through a sport budget at the school.  It would be available to Village Hall users.
  3. c. Playing Field Association Committee: next meeting would be on 8th July.  It would be hoped to install the equipment on the field before the start of the holidays.
  4. d. Village Fete Committee: £2,971 had been raised with one-third going to the Playing Field and two-thirds to the church. Thanks to all who took part.
  5. e. Neighbourhood Watch: had a stall at the Fete.
12. Outstanding Actions Summary from the Last Meeting: it was proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Newman and

it was resolved that only outstanding items would be listed.

The Clerk

Item in June 2013 minutes Who Action Outstanding
PF DMcM To advise BBC of Thurleigh Road 30 mph sign obscuration.
PF DMcM To investigate flooding outside Village Farm.
6b CS To survey village footpaths.
7a DMcM To advise the Council when speeding prosecutions

have started.

7c DMcM Progress on allotment provision.
9e RA To complete the NDP Project Brief.
9hii RA To ask P3 to review tree work.
9hvi Clerk To confer with Cllr Snowball over bottle bank and

respond to the Garden Centre.

11c DMcM To identify source of support funding for

playing field refurbishment.

9hv DS Bottle bank/garden centre

13. Members Calendar: Clerk to book Village Hall for Xmas Concert 1st December. The Clerk
14. Date of the Next Meeting: Thursday 29th August at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Signature ………………………………….                            Date …………………………….

Mrs R Atkinson, Chair