Milton Ernest Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on Thursday 6th January 2011

Present:                Cllrs D Inskip (Chairman), R Winter, D Snowball, D Newman, K Harte, R Atkinson, C Sharman

                                Cllr J Walker, Bedford Borough Council

                B C Gale, Clerk

                5 villagers

Sharnbrook Cllr Doug Mc Murdo – Observing

1 Apologies    
2 Declaration of Interests    
  The clerk read out councillor’s areas of interest:-Cllr Newman and Cllr Winter are members of the Playing Field Association and have an interest in the Youth Club.Cllr Winter is a member of the Village Hall Committee

Cllr Atkinson is a member of the Gardens and Allotments Society and has an interest in the Youth Club.

Cllr Inskip is a Governor of Milton Ernest Lower School.

Cllr Sharman is a member of the Village Fete Committee.

Cllr Harte is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch group.

Cllr Newman’s children undertake litter picking for the Parish Council.

3 Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd December 2010    
  The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chair.    
4 Matters Arising    
4a Report on progress of road layout and signage around Thurleigh Rd.(09/10/4p)    
  A new man, Ben du Boulay, has taken over responsibility for the Twinwoods site and will be meeting with Cllr Inskip on 24th January to discuss the on-going concerns which the Council has.  DI  
4b Report on the Old Post Office and other footpaths.(09/02/6a)    
  To be addressed in Item 5b.    
4c School bus re-routing/speeding/C Almond request for data.(10/03/6e)    
  Caroline Almond of Amey has requested data roads where the Council has concerns over speeding issues. A list of such roads in the village has been agreed and will be sent to her.  Clerk  
4d Lights on Village Hall.(10/10/7g)    
  Cllr Winter advised that this will be discussed at the next meeting of the Village Hall Committee in January. RW  
4e Report on progress with “School Railings”.(10/09/7c)    
 4f Cllr Inskip has discussed the issue with the head of ME Lower School who agrees that seeking funding from the Travel Plan is appropriate; however, it is understood that this Plan currently has no funds so it was agreed that the BBC Highways Department should be approached.Protection of Village Open Spaces.(10/12/8e)It was noted that the land adjacent to 36 Radwell Road was now very muddy so resolving the issue has become more urgent. Villager Dave Kerr has approached the owner who has agreed that he would consider renting the land to the Council. Concern was expressed about the rent (perhaps around £100 pa) and other costs associated with this solution but it was agreed that the Council facilitate further discussions between interested parties.  Clerk  







Parish Action PlanReport on progress with A6 “average speed” cameras.(07/12/11d)Cllr Walker will be meeting with Cllr Roydon shortly after his meeting on 27th Jan 2011 at which the future of speed monitoring in BBC will be determined.

Report on village street lighting plan.(10/11/4p)

A plan of the proposed new lighting scheme has been received from Amey which differs slightly from what had been envisaged. Councillors believe that lights 7F and 9F should go off at midnight and that on River Lane the existing light should remain and an extra one put a little lower down. The Clerk will pass this on to Amey.

The question of advising householders about the possibility of a new light outside their houses was raised. Cllr Walker advised that BBC would normally do this as a matter of routine but it was felt that villagers should get advanced notice of precisely where new lights will be. The clerk will put a notice in the Villager and investigate putting a copy of the plan on at least one notice board.

Report on progress with Land Registry.(07/04/8)

Cllr Sharman has copied the relevant maps and a letter will now be sent to all villagers who may have long-term knowledge of the parcels of land in question.

Report on progress with allotment provision.(08/07/6h)

Cllr Inskip reported that her meetings with Bedfordia had finally resulted in an offer of land behind Church Close for use as allotments. This land is of the right size and has the advantages of an existing water supply and at least partial access by car. Councillors were pleased with this offer and it was anticipated that the Allotment Society will be also. Because of it’s current use (pasture for ponies), the land will not be available before 30th March and certain legal formalities have yet to be gone through, the cost of which will have to be borne by the Council. This cost will have to be amortized through allotment rents over a reasonable time period. It is hoped a peppercorn rent can be negotiated and the necessary fence installed by early April. Bedfordia has agreed to plough the land in preparation.

Villager David Kerr commented that the land should be of about the right size and well manured, and queried the possibility of some hard-standing by the gate.

Report on progress with the new web-site.(10/06/6a)

Cllr Sharman and the clerk have been discussing the web-site with John Alsop, who came along to demonstrate his proposals. The Council were impressed by this and resolved to accept Mr Alsop’s quotation for the work. When up and running, the clerk will administer the site. Cllr Newman will send data on the current council booklet and village maps to Mr Alsop and Cllr Winter will send him Village Hall data. Mr Alsop has received information on the current site from Tim Wesley and the clerk was asked to send a letter expressing the Councils appreciation of Mr Wesley’s hard work over the last few years.

Provision of Glass Recycling Facility.

Cllrs Walker and Newman are to meet with the BBC Recycling Officer on 19th January.

Public Forum

Villager Ian Kirk expressed concern over the traffic within the village following closure of one of the Twinwoods Business Park’s gates and the planning proposals under consideration. He was assured these issues were under active consideration and asked to respond to any letters from Bedford Planning Department reflecting his concerns (with a copy to MEPC). He further made suggestions over steps that should be considered including the closure of Thurleigh Road above Milton Ernest; this idea was met with a lot of sympathy from councillors.









7a Monthly Finance Report

Financial Situation@ month end December 2010  
Community A/C 17,291.72    
BMM 27.16    
Total 17,318.88 17,318.88  
Income yet to be credited      
Total 0.00 0.00  
Total Cash   17,318.88  
Uncashed cheques      
Activitots (172) 250.00    
Dylan Newman (174) 30.00    
R Atkinson (178) 70.00    
Total 350.00 350.00  
Cheques to be written      
Countrywide Tree Specialists 305.50    
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses 188.24    
Dylan Newman 40.00    
T Wesley 20.00    
Total 553.74 553.74  
Total Committed Expenditure   903.74  
Latest position   16,415.14  
Ring-fenced Funds   7,695.97  
Position at month-end exc. ring-fenced funds   8,719.17  


7b Decision on payments to be made.  
  It was resolved to pay the above mentioned invoices.  
8 Village Welfare  
8a Cllr Sharman had reported a recent mains water leak and was impressed at the speed with which Anglian Water had responded to fix the problem. He was less impressed that this had been just one of several leaks in the recent past in this area and wondered if it might be time for Anglian Water to seek a more permanent solution to the problem. The clerk will communicate this to AW.  Clerk
8b Cllr Sharman also noted a hole outside 3 Radwell Road which he believed might lead to a larger underground cavity. This needs investigation and the clerk will contact Alistair Rundell at Amey.  Clerk
8c Cllr Sharman noted that the patchwork pavements of Radwell Road now extended to The Queens Head; the clerk will again contact Brian Hayward of BBC to see what can be done.  Clerk
8d Last month Cllr Newman noted that the large direction sign for vehicles heading north into the village has disappeared (leaving just one support leg); despite a preliminary response, the clerk needs to again ascertain what is happening.  Clerk
8e The clerk had been asked by villager Brenda Stafford to raise with the Council the possibility of a Councillor being involved with the initiative she is undertaking to in some way mark the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Cllr Atkinson agreed to do this.  RA
99a Correspondence.Letter from BBC concerning the Local Transport Plan (LTP3). The Council resolved to offer general support for the plan and in particular issues F4 and RS6; the clerk will prepare a letter.  Clerk
9b Letter from Stevington Parish Council requesting support in rejecting a planning application. The Council resolved to offer this support and Cllr Inskip will prepare a suitable letter.  DI



Letter from BBC requesting progress on implementing the Parish Action Plan. Cllr Newman has already responded.Letter from BBC advising of it’s Resolution on charges for naming and numbering properties. This was duly noted by the Council.Letter from BBC asking for responses to the Allocations and Designations Plan/Climate Change Issues. This was duly noted by the Council.

Letter from Amey quoting for the maintenance of street lighting; the Council believes that the maintenance cost of the new lighting scheme will be borne by BBC so this quotation will not be relevant. To be sure, the clerk will ask for a definitive written statement that from Amey/BBC that this is indeed the case.


10a10b 10/02875/FULWM - B&W Waste, Twinwoods; extension of waste stream. Based on considerations by all Councillors, the clerk has drafted a letter asking for the proposals to be rejected based on concerns over traffic and it’s routeing, the toxic nature of the waste and it’s compliance with the Local Waste and Minerals Plan. It was resolved that this letter should be sent to the relevant authority.09/01258/FULWME – This scheme is subject to both a Planning Appeal and a new Application should the Appeal fail. Cllr Atkinson expressed concerns that with the number of energy recovery plant proposals being made, there is the possibility of ending up with over-capacity for this area and Bedfordshire becoming a dumping ground for other area’s waste. The Council will ask for the scheme to be rejected in both processes for essentially the same reasons as for application 10/02875/FULWM; it was resolved that, based on more detailed considerations prepared by Cllr Atkinson, Cllr Inskip will prepare a suitable letter.  ClerkRA/DI
11 Reports from Representatives  
11a School Governors  
  A Finance sub-committee meeting was held 5th January and a Full Governing Body Meeting is scheduled for the end of February.  
11b Village Hall –A meeting of the committee is scheduled for January.  
11c Playing Field Committee – A meeting is scheduled for April.  
11d P3 – In the light of the recent bulb planting exercise and problems experienced with grass cutting over the last year, Cllr Atkinson suggested that the P3 Group should prepare a revised grass-cutting and maintenance specification which could be used when re-negotiating the maintenance contract. Cllr Newman agreed to send Cllr Atkinson a map to base the specification on. New tools given by BBC are to be in the name of MEPC. BBC will also insure the P3 groups work providing that they are advised in advance of the work schedules.  DN/RA
11e Village Fete – A meeting is scheduled for 10th January.  
11f Neighbourhood Watch – A meeting is scheduled soon.  
12 Members Calendar  
13 Date of Next Meeting – 3rd February 2011, 8.00pm, Milton Ernest Village Hall.  
  The meeting closed at 10.30pm.  
  These minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.  

Signature ………………………………………………                                                         Date ….. / ….. / …..

                       Deborah Inskip, Chair