Milton Ernest Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on Thursday 4th November 2010

Present:                Cllrs D Inskip (Chairman), R Winter, D Snowball, D Newman, R Atkinson, D Newman, C Sharman, K Harte

                                Cllr J Walker, Bedford Borough Council

                B Gale, Clerk

                3 villagers

1 Apologies  
2 Declaration of Interests  
  The Clerk read out councillor’s areas of interest:-

Cllr Newman and Cllr Winter are members of the Playing Field Association and have an interest in the Youth Club

Cllr Winter is also a member of the Village Hall Committee

Cllr Atkinson is a member of the Gardens and Allotments Society and has an interest in the Youth Club

Cllr Inskip is a Governor of Milton Ernest Lower School

Cllr Sharman is a member of the Village Fete Committee

Cllr Harte is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Group

Cllr Newman’s children undertake litter picking for the Parish Council

3 Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th October 2010  
  The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chair  
4 Matters Arising  
4a Speeding (07/12/11d)  
  It was noted that the letter and copy of the newspaper article about speed detection in Bromham sent to Mr Pearsall of Bedfordshire Police had elicited a positive response with the promise of ongoing support. Cllr Walker will be having further meetings with Charles Roydon of BBC and Cllrs Inskip and Harte will  accompany her.

Villager Dave Kerr reported that his team of speed monitors had been out at several locations and found frequent speed violations by private motorists and busses. Their results highlighted “hot-spots” and stimulated the police to start their own monitoring early. Warning letters will be sent by the police to those found to have been speeding. Further, their work has led them to make recommendations about the position of speed limit signs.

Cllr Walker advised the idea of a blanket limit of 20mph near schools will be discussed again in early 2011.

Cllr Newman raised the idea of Community Safety Zones and pondered the Council’s response if there isn’t one. It was resolved that the clerk should write to our MP to establish the current Government thinking. It was further resolved that Cllr Inskip will pass the email address of Caroline Almond of Amey to the clerk who will e-mail her about the issue and that Cllr Harte will send copies of Dave Kerr’s speeding report to Mr Pearsall of Bedfordshire Police and PC Richard Tott.




4b HGV’s (09/10/4p)  
  Cllr Inskip has been liaising with Paul Lennox of BBC Planning Department over the issue of HGVs on Thurleigh Road and the closure of Twinwoods Road. The issue will also be discussed by Cllr Walker and Andrew Prigmore of BBC highways. (See below).  
4c Allotments (08/07/6h)  
  The recent Allotment Association meeting had been a disappointment with only 23 attending instead of the hoped-for 50+. The Parish Plan had shown that 77 villagers were very interested in having allotments A subsequent meeting of the steering group recorded their disappointment at the speed of progress in securing land but Cllr Inskip reassured their representative Dave Kerr that progress had to be seen in the light of Bedfordia’s wider ranging interest in the village and that she anticipated good results from her forthcoming meeting with them. Cllr Inskip stressed that it was inappropriate for any of the allotment steering group to make a separate approach to local landowners.  
4d Land Registry (07/04/8)  
  Cllr Sharman will proceed with making copies of the relevant maps to allow Cllr Atkinson to continue her investigations. CS
4e Old Post Office Footpath (09/02/6a)  
  At the above mentioned meeting with Andy Prigmore, the issue of this footpath (lighting, bollards and puddle filling) will also be discussed. It seems Mr Prigmore would like to meet with as many members of the Council as possible to cover the wide range of issues now on the table. It was resolved that the clerk should check on councillor’s availability to allow Cllr Walker to put 2 or 3 dates in the very near future to Mr Prigmore.  


4f River Lane Lighting (09/02/6a)  
  As above  
4g Village Footpaths (10/02/9b)  
  It was resolved that the draft letter prepared by the clerk to a resident about overhanging greenery should be sent.

A new problem with crumbling tarmac in Marsh Lane has been spotted. It was resolved that Cllr Inskip should view the problem and then email Alastair Rundall.



4h Web-site Upgrade  
  Cllr Sharman has asked for input generally via an advert in “The Villager” with limited response. He will now consult with the clerk to define what needs to be put on the web-site. CS/Clerk
4i Asbestos waste at 16 London End(10/06/6b)  
  It was resolved that the draft letter prepared by the clerk should be sent to Mr John Molyneaux at BBC. Clerk
4j Damage to Christmas Tree by grass-cutting (10/6/6e)  
  Warners of Bedford have contributed £100 towards a new Christmas Tree. A new tree has been ordered and is awaited with keen anticipation. Cllr Atkinson will keep on top of the issue.  


4k Grass cutting between Paula Radcliffe Way and the village.(10/6/6f)  
  The clerk has still had no response from Amey who he believes to be responsible but recent cutting does seem to be more extensive than before. However, the cutting has exposed litter which should be cleared. It was resolved that the clerk should contact DSD to try and get this done. It was also noted that many of the plastic bollards beside Paula Radcliffe Way needed to be replaced. It was resolved that the clerk should contact BBC Highways Help Desk to get this done.  



4l School bus re-routing (10/03/6e)  
  To further support the request to have school busses re-routed, it was resolve to send a copy of the village speed survey results to Mr Chris Pettifer at BBC, where he is responsible for Integrating Passenger Transport. The letter sent by the clerk to Sarah-Jayne McInerney of the BBC Transport Operations Group was noted Clerk
4m Christmas lights(10/09/7a)  
  The Garden Centre have agreed to supply new lights and, when the new tree has been planted, will customize a set of lights to suit. RA
4n “School Railings” (10/09/7c)  
  Cllr Inskip has consulted with the school about railings on the A6 adjacent to the bus stop and the school felt it was not a high priority for them. However, councillors felt the issue could not be ignored and resolved to consider further. It was resolved that Cllr Inskip will investigate the possibility of having the work done as part of the BBC School Travel Plan.

Further to this, the idea was mooted to engage more fully with the Youth Club on this issue. It was resolved that PCSO Anita Underwood would be invited to the Youth Club and be asked to talk generally about a range of relevant topics.







Lights on Village Hall (10/10/7g)

It was resolved to recommend to the Village Hall Committee the use of a motion sensor combined with the time-clock to control the external light operation. This should ensure minimum energy consumption, adequate security and minimum interference to neighbours.

Street and Footpath Lighting

The options for new lighting were discussed and will be further discussed with Mr Prigmore. Option 4 in the proposals seems to be the favoured option at present. The councillors will meet with Mr Prigmore as detailed in item 4e.


The opportunity was taken to discuss the options for the trees at the rear of 42 Radwell Road; it was resolved to engage Countrywide Tree Specialists to cut back the trees in a balanced way to maintain a good shape.

It was further noted that two trees along Radwell Road needed trimming. It was resolved that Cllr Atkinson would take care of this.






Financial Situation@ month end October 2010
Community A/C 16,439.34  
BMM 26.82  
Total 16,466.16 16,466.16
Income yet to be credited    
Warner’s contribution to Xmas Tree 100.00  
VAT Refund 04/2009 – 09/2010 3,819.14  
Total 3,919.14 3,919.14
Total Cash   20,385.30
Uncashed cheques    
Youth Club 250.00  
Litter 70.00  
Premier Trees 305.50  
Activitots 250.00  
Total 875.50 875.50
Cheques to be written    
Warners of Bedford – 5481 387.75  
Warners of Bedford – 5535 387.75  
Warners of Bedford – 5542 117.50  
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses 188.32  
David Kerr 20.97  
Dylan Newman 40.00  
T Wesley 20.00  
Warners of Bedford – 5561 387.75  
Total 1,550.04 1,550.04
Total Committed Expenditure   2,425.54
Latest position   17,959.76
Ring-fenced Funds   7,685.47
Position at month-end exc. ring-fenced funds   10,274.29






It was noted that the bulk of funds had been moved to the current account and that the VAT had been reclaimed.

Parish Action Plan Action Points

  Cllr Newman noted progress on the plan and felt that he was so near in completing everything that in future the outstanding items should be put on the agenda individually.  
7 Village Welfare  
7a Cllr Sharman has had contact Anglia Water about the lifting man-hole cover at the bottom of Thurleigh Road; they advise it is not their cover. The clerk will report the matter to the Highways Help Desk. Cllr Sharman further advised that lamp B1 in Starey Close was on all day; he has reported the matter (reference 135343) and the clerk will follow it up.  



7b Cllr Winter raised the issue of the school using the Green for a table top sale of goods in the summer; there was no objection.  
7c Cllr Snowball reported a lamp failure on the A6. He will advise the clerk of the lamp number who will report it to Highways. Clerk
7d Cllr Newman noted that the old lamp standard near the Queens Head was still in place. The clerk will contact the Highways department to get it moved.  


7e Cllr Newman noted a lot of leaves all around the village; the clerk will contact the Highways Department to get them cleared; they are a safety hazard.  












Turning on the Christmas Lights

To take place at 6.30pm on 2nd December 2010. Cllr Walker kindly agreed to do the honours. Cllr Newman will ask his wife to arrange for the junior section of Rushden Town Band to play but asked that there be some lights so they can read their music. Cllr Sharman will arrange for this. A table will be arranged from which mulled wine and warm mince pies will be served. The clerk will prepare leaflets to be put on notice boards and given to the school children to take home.

Summary of actions:- Table with refreshments – co-ordinated by DI

                                 Band – DN

                                 Lighting – CS

                                 Leaflets – Clerk


A survey from Bedfordshire Police asking for our view on their performance. Completed at the meeting to be dispatched by the clerk.

Contact by Mrs Holden of Church Green asking about the removal of lamp-post number 208 following an accident. The Council were interested in the cause of the accident; the clerk will investigate.

From BBC Transportation Dept advising of the Local Transportation Roadshow visiting Milton Ernest on 25th November at 1.30 – 2.00pm in Huntsmans Way.

A request from BBC Highways Department for information on events next year in Milton Ernest. The clerk will advise them of the Fete on 25th June.

Advise and a request from BBC concerning Rural Sorts Coaching for the over 50s. The clerk will advise them of people’s expressed interests and the facilities available in Milton Ernest.

A request from Bedfordshire Adult Skills and Community Learning to have a link from our website; agreed. Clerk to implement and advise.

An offer from PCSO Anita Underwood to allow councillors to spend some time with her observing her work. Several expressed interest and Cllr Newman will coordinate.

Concerns raised about the selling of security systems; all are advised to exercise care and talk to Trading Standards and Consumer Direct if concerned. To be promulgated in the monthly Villager report by the clerk. Cllr Harte will supply the details.

Letter from Stagecoach about bus services in the area. Cllr Harte will reply.











9 Planning  
  No applications.  
10 Reports from Representatives  
10a School Governors  
  Cllr Inskip advised a meeting was to take place with the Governor’s of Eileen Wade School, Upper Dean to discuss the possibility of Federation with Milton Ernest Lower School.  
10b Village Hall – Nothing to report.  
10c Playing Field Committee – Cllr Newman advised that re-turfing work had taken place and that some matting had been re-fettled.  
10d P3 – Minutes of their last meeting were circulated. Branches on the A6 have been cut down. They question what is to be done with the WI Garden. £50 of bulbs have been bought and will be planted soon. And they propose to spend £50 on necessary tools. They plan a survey of their work for possible future justification for obtaining grant money in future. They plan to take up the offer of free trees from BBC. A survey of rural footpaths is planned. They have concerns over the care with which Warners carry out some of their work (damage to shrubs at Riverside Meadow) and called for a new job specification to be drawn up. This will go on the January agenda.  
10e Village Fete – Cllr Sharman advised that there was to be committee meeting in January and that the next Fete would take place on 25th June 2011.  
10f Neighbourhood Watch – Nothing to report.  
11 Members Calendar

Cllr Snowball is away 20th-24th November.

12 Date of Next Meeting – 2nd December 2010, 8.00pm, Milton Ernest Village Hall.  
  The meeting closed at 10.45pm  
  These minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.  

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