Milton Ernest Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on Thursday 2nd September 2010

Present:                Cllrs D Inskip (Chairman), C Sharman, D Snowball, D Newman, K Harte, R Atkinson,

                                Cllr J Walker, Bedford Borough Council

                B Gale, Clerk

                5 villagers

1 Apologies  
  Cllr R Winter  
2 Declaration of Interests  
  Cllr Newman and Cllr Winter are members of the Playing Field Association

Cllr Winter is a member of the Village Hall Committee

Cllr Atkinson is a member of the Gardens and Allotments Society

Cllr Inskip is a Governor of Milton Ernest Lower School

Cllr Sharman is a member of the Village Fete Committee

Cllr Harte is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch group

Cllr Newman’s children undertake litter picking for the Parish Council

3 Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st July 2010  
  The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chair  
4 Matters Arising  
4a Speeding (07/12/11d)  
  Cllr Harte has arranged training for ten speed monitoring volunteers with the police. This gives enough people for two monitoring teams, which would normally consist of a minimum of three people. Cllr Snowball advised that the normal work of the police would continue and volunteer activity would not be used as a substitute.

Cllr Walker would like a petition with at least 30 signatures to present to the full Borough Council. MEPC should create this petition.

A villager noted that the 30mph warning sign was not working. The Clerk had been it touch with the authorities to get it fixed. The villager volunteered to cut back the branches partially obscuring the sign.

The siting of speed cameras was briefly discussed but Cllr Walker advised that the matter was under consideration at the Borough Council following the decision to remove all speed cameras in Swindon.



4b HGV’s (09/104p)  
  The details of contact names and numbers of the correct people within Bedfordshire Police to report HGV’s using Thurleigh Rd to be published in The Villager (September edition) turn out to be incorrect. Cllr Harte will establish the correct data and promulgate.

It was confirmed that it was acceptable for PSVs to use the road.

There was brief discussion about how best to enforce the HGV ban; bollards were mentioned but it was pointed out that these would also make it difficult for acceptable traffic like farm trailers. To be discussed again.



4c Allotments (08/07/6h)  
  Bedfordia have sent Cllr Inskip their draft plan for possible future developments in the village. The location of the allotments is shown  adjacent to the Garden Centre on Radwell Road. Happily, this is the preferred location originally proposed by the Parish Council.

Villager Dave Kerr reported contact with an expert on the organization of allotments, Karen Kenny from the Allotment and Leisure Association who will be advising at a meeting due to take place in Bromham. She had agreed to visit ME to advise at a future meeting where residents could be updated on progress, rules on the Allotment Association agreed and numbers of interested parties firmed up.

To allow Cllr Inskip to respond authoritatively to Bedfordia it was felt there should be a phone-around of those who had already expressed interest. This job should be divided among all councillors and done very soon. At some point prospective allotment holders should be asked for a deposit of £20 to establish the strength of their interest.

(There was brief discussion of an alternative site off Thurleigh Road proposed by villager John Brown through Cllr Inskip).

4d Land Registry )07/04/8)  
4e Old Post Office Footpath (09/02/6a)  
  Cllr Walker has agreed to using some ward money for a new light on River Lane and is meeting with the Borough Council to discuss the proposal of low energy lighting within the village.  





River Lane Lighting09/02/6a)

  As above  
4g Village Footpaths (10/02/9b)  
  No update, Clerk to keep chasing Moira Moran / Brian Hayward. Clerk
4h Trees outside 10 and 13 Huntsman’s Way (10/03/6a & 10/3/6c)  
  Cllr Atkinson advised the trimming had taken place to the residents’ satisfaction and that in October her team would be carrying out a review of all overhanging trees and trimming them as required.  
4i Fence maintenance in Huntsman’s Way (10/4/6h)  
  The maintenance still has to be done but Cllr Snowball noted that the rusting vehicles behind the recently installed fence had been removed. DI/ Clerk
4j A6 layby (10/06/8)  
  The Parish Council has received a response from Amey regarding the removal of the layby. Cllr Inskip will ask Bedfordia to contact Amey and advise of the impact on farm vehicles and the need for it’s reinstatement. Brian Hayward should be pressed for a reply and perhaps the topic needs to be raised at the forthcoming mayoral meeting.

(There was brief comment that maybe the fact that farm vehicles could not pull in to let other traffic past maybe considered to be part of speed control measures).



4k Website link with Garden Centre (10/06/6a)  
  The link to the Garden Centre has been implemented.

Cllr Sharman had a meeting on 29th July 2010 with Messrs Alsop, Inall and Stafford. The minutes are attached. The facts that the current website finishes at the end of the year and that Tim Wesley wishes to finish prompt a major re-think. The Councillors elected what features they think the site should encompass and Cllr will collate the data. He will also clarify what exactly the “expiry “ of the web-site entails.

He further advised that the cost of preparing a new site would be about £350

4l Potential Asbestos at 16 London End (10/06/6b)  
  The Environmental Health eventually inspected the site and wrote requiring the removal of the debris. It seemed that this has been done. Cllr Harte was concerned that the Department seemed very slow to react and this issue will be followed up by Cllr Inskip at her meeting with the Deputy mayor of BBC.  


4m Grass cutting – Warner’s (10/6/6e)

It was noted that the Christmas Tree and other trees had been damaged during grass-cutting operations. The Clerk has requested payment for replacement and Cllr Atkinson will pursue this with Warners.



4n Grass cutting outside village boundary (10/6/6f)  
  Clerk has established DSD are not contracted to cut beyond roundabout at Clapham.  Clerk to establish who cuts grass between Paula Radcliffe Way and village signs and request verges are cut right up to boundary fences at Mill Court  


5 Finance  
5a Monthly Finance Report  
  September Meeting 2010    
  POSITION AT 31/08/10 13,527.97  
  LATEST POSITION 11,231.97  
  P3 Total    
  Parish Plan Total    
  Clerk’s Gratuity Total 0.00  
  Parish Council Total 11,231.97  
  Grand Total 11,231.97  









Items for Payment

  It was resolved to make the following payments:  
Tim Wesley – website maintenance      £20.00
Ace Pest Control – wasp nest on playing field      £47.00
Warners of Bedford – grass cutting and hedge trimming £1,605.00
BATPC Affiliation 2010/2011    £154.00
JC Ibbett – annual rent playing field        £0.05
Graham Hayes – internal audit      £50.00
Clerk’s annuity    £295.00


  Income from book sales – £48  
6 Parish Action Plan Action Points  
  To be updated  
7 Village Welfare  
7a Cllr Sharman reminded the meeting that the Garden Centre had offered Christmas lights. Cllr Atkinson will pursue this . RA
7b Cllr Newman suggested that more Heritage leaflets were needed and that they were still available at the price when they were first printed (£850 for 2000). It was agreed to proceed.  
7c Cllr Newman mooted the possibility of railings at the bottom of Thurleigh Road to stop children on bicycles riding across the A6 without stopping, possibility as part of a “dare” game. Their parents have been told. Cllr Walker suggested this idea could be part of “Travelplan” when it is up and running.

Cllr Inskip will raise the matter with the school.



7d Cllr Newman had noted that there had been some footpath damage caused by builders. Andy Prigmore at BBC Highways should be advised so he can send a letter to the householder concerned to ensure repairs are effected.  




Cllr Newman suggested that an invitation to visit ME should be issued to the Mayor of BBC.

Villager David Purser reminded the meeting that bad parking down Radwell road and raised the possibility of drawing drivers attention to this using “Polite Notices”.

7g Cllr Inskip raised the issue of grants for increased broadband speed within the Village and the possibility of getting fibre-optic links, especially if the proposed Data Centre is to come. It was pointed out that the fundamental speed limitation may be the distance of the village from the exchange in Oakley.  
7h Cllr Inskip advised the meeting she had been made aware of the difficulty of access for pedestrians in Church Close by a car (a large Mercedes) being routinely parked across the end of a pathway leading to the road. She wondered about the possibility of installing a drop kerb but it was suggested a simple white line painted on the road may suffice.  
7i Cllr Snowball volunteered to accompany Cllr Inskip on her walk round the village with Alistair Rundell.  
7j Cllr Inskip advised the meeting that notification had been given that the “concrete road” was to be closed as of 1st August 2010; this was in agreement with plans, However, the idea was that the displaced traffic should go to the IDC via the Sharnbrook roundabout (not very green because of the extra mileage involved) and also unlikely to happen; it is more likely to mean more traffic for the Thurleigh Road, including lorries when the new Data Centre is built. So the problem is how to induce traffic to use the correct route – bollards (but with attendant problems raised in HGV discussion). Cllrs Walker and Inskip to explore re-opening of Clapham access  
8 Correspondence  
8a To Clerk, letter from Serco, who run the IDC, introducing their manager and making him available to come to a council meeting to address any issues which might arise  
8b To Clerk, Playquest inspection form  
8c T o Clerk, letter from BBC requesting a review of those services where there may be duplication of between Borough and parish.  
8d To chair, Planning Workshop – no action.  
8e To chair, complimentary comments from Jeremy Clayson concerning the Parish Plan and Directory.  
9 Planning  
9a 10/01995/TPO – Pruning of YEW TREE at Chestnut Cottage 7 Bedford Road, Milton Ernest, MK44 1RR – the parish Council has no objections  


9b 10/92123/FULWM Erection of Portakabins for office use ancillary to the waste transfer station, B&W Waste Management Services Ltd..  







Reports from Representatives

10a School Governors  
  Governance meeting on 8th September during which the meeting schedule for the rest of the year will be established  
10b Village Hall – Meeting planned to discus new Health and Safety Regulations.  
10c Playing Field Committee – A meeting is planned for September; facilities were well used over the summer.  
10d P3 – A meeting is due to be scheduled.  
10e Village Fete – No meeting is currently planned but there should be; it was noted a good report had been included in “The Villager”.  
10f Neighbourhood Watch – 50 people are now signed up to Ringmaster; some other actions are still outstanding.  


11 Members Calendar  
12 Date of Next Meeting – 7th October 2010, 8.00pm, Milton Ernest Village Hall  
  The meeting closed at 10.30pm  
  These minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting  

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