Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
on Thursday 1st July 2010

Present: Cllrs D Inskip (Chairman), R Winter, D Snowball, D Newman, K Harte Cllr J Walker, Bedford Borough Council H Kavanagh, Clerk 4 villagers

1 Apologies Cllr C Sharman, Cllr R Atkinson

2 Declaration of Interests Cllr Newman and Cllr Winter are members of the Playing Field Association Cllr Winter is a member of the Village Hall Committee Cllr Atkinson is a member of the Gardens and Allotments Society Cllr Inskip is a Governor of Milton Ernest Lower School Cllr Sharman is a member of the Village Fete Committee Cllr Harte is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch group Cllr Newman’s children undertake litter picking for the Parish Council

3 Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th June 2010 The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chair

4 Matters Arising

4a Speeding (07/12/11d) Cllr Newman has written to Cllr Roydon, enclosing letter to Mr Alistair Burt MP. Bedfordshire Police have provided the Parish Council with data showing that in the previous 5 months, the village had been visited 8 times by PC Tott which resulted in 16 tickets for speeding. This data does not appear to be a true reflection of the level of speeding in the village. Clerk to contact Bedfordshire Police at Manton Lane to establish whether any other visits have been carried out by their division. Clerk Civilian speed monitoring using hand held speed guns was discussed. Cllr Harte agreed to contact Bedfordshire Police and establish what training was required for the Parish Council to undertake speed monitoring on Radwell Rd and the A6. KH Cllr Harte suggested that Beds Police could use their ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). KH

4b HGV’s (09/104p) Cllr Harte has received contact names and numbers of the correct people within Bedfordshire Police to report HGV’s using Thurleigh Rd. Details to be published in The Villager (September edition). Clerk

4c Allotments (08/07/6h) Bedfordia contacted Cllr Inskip and will pass on their plan to the Parish Council shortly. DI

4d Land Registry )07/04/8) Clerk to circulate statutory declaration to Cllrs Clerk

4e Old Post Office Footpath (09/02/6a) Cllr Walker has agreed using some ward money for a new light on River Lane and is meeting with the Borough Council to discuss the proposal of low energy lighting within the village. JW

4f River Lane Lighting09/02/6a) As above

4g Village Footpaths (10/02/9b) No update, Clerk to keep chasing Moira Moran / Brian Hayward. Clerk

4h Trees outside 10 and 13 Huntsman’s Way (10/03/6a & 10/3/6c) Cllr Atkinson has a plan in place and will liaise with Mr J Brown. RA

4i Fence maintenance in Huntsman’s Way (10/4/6h) Cllr Inskip / Clerk to draft letter to owners of garages concerned DI/ Clerk

4j Old Post Office Footpath Hedge (10/05/8c) The hedge has been cutback therefore no further action required.

4k Zigzags outside Milton Ernest Lower School (10/05/10) New zigzags will be painted outside the school within this financial year. No further action required

4l A6 layby (10/06/8) The Parish Council have contacted Bedford Highways regarding the removal of the layby and the impact on farm vehicles and are waiting for a response.

4m Website link with Garden Centre (10/06/6a) Clerk to contact Garden Centre and obtain link for inclusion on Parish Council Website. Clerk

4n Potential Asbestos at 16 London End (10/06/6b) Roofing asbestos is still on the ground in the garden uncovered. Environmental Health have been contacted but with no action. Clerk to contact Environmental Health Helpline immediately and Manager of the Environmental Health Department. Clerk

4o Bollard in WI Garden (10/6/6c) Cllr Sharman has now re-instated the fallen bollard. No further action required.

4p Garden waste in WI Garden (10/6/6d) No further action required

4q Grass cutting – Warner’s (10/6/6e) Riverside Meadow has been cut. Parish Council have contacted Warner’s regarding Huntsman’s Way and lack of cutting. Clerk to contact Warner’s again and ensure Huntsman’s Way is cut immediately and cuttings are removed. Clerk

4r Grass cutting outside village boundary (10/6/6f) Clerk has established DSD are not contracted to cut beyond roundabout at Clapham. Clerk to establish who cuts grass between Paula Radcliffe Way and village signs and request verges are cut right up to boundary fences at Mill Court Clerk

5 Finance

5a Monthly Finance Report

POSITION AT 30/06/10 19,378.47
P3 Total Parish Plan Total Clerk’s Gratuity Total 0.00
Parish Council Total 10,857.59
Grand Total 10,857.59

5b Items for Payment It was resolved to make the following payments:

Tim Wesley – website maintenance £20
PlayQuest balance of payment for zip wire £7,464
Warners of Bedford – grass cutting and hedge trimming £775.50
Clerk’s Annuity – 1st-30th June 2010 £241.19
Litter Picking £20 Income from book sales – £20

Clerk to write to Rural Affairs to request payment £3,000 grant for zip wire Clerk

Discussion followed regarding the potential freeze on precepts for the next financial year

Activitots – Mrs Wendy Shortland of Milton Ernest Activitots group was present at the meeting and requested the issue of reduction in grant to the group be discussed as this made the group financially unviable due to the cost of hiring the Village Hall and their insurance costs. Cllr Walker offered to provide Ward Funding to cover the group until the end of the current financial year on the understanding that the funding would be unlikely to be available for the next year. Cllr Winter offered to discuss the issue with the Village Hall committee and ascertain whether they could do anything to assist the group. RW

5c Year end accounts 2009/2010 Accounts have been approved by internal auditor and will now be submitted to external auditor.

6 Parish Action Plan Action Points Please see attachment

7 Village Welfare

7a Hedges along the A6 north of pedestrian crossing need cutting. Clerk to notify Cllr Atkinson Clerk / RA

7b Cllr Harte queried repair works to River Lane as damage had been marked with paint but no further action taken. Cllr Walker explained that works were prioritised on severity.

7c Cllr Inskip had received an email from concerned residents of Radwell Rd regarding the speed of school buses through the village and frequent ‘near miss’ incidents when buses enter the village from the Radwell direction and vehicles are reversing out of driveways. Discussion followed and the Clerk read out response from Bedford Borough / Stagecoach regarding the Parish Council request that buses be re-routed away from Radwell Rd when empty. Stagecoach’s concerns relating to buses making a sharp left turn from the A6 into New Road were accepted and the Parish Council agreed to request that all school buses observe a 20mph limit within the village. Clerk to contact Bedford Borough Council / Stagecoach and request Parish Council are copied in on notification to drivers. Clerk

7d Village Fete: items which were discussed most frequently on the Parish Action Plan stand were allotments, isolation felt by residents of Butterfield Court and the fact that the Parish Council were not ‘seen’ in the village. The fact that the Parish Council have tried to find a solution to the lack of access from Butterfield Court to the main part of the village but that this was not possible was then discussed. People also showed concern about the proposed gypsy encampment between Milton Ernest and Clapham. A circular walk through countryside around Milton Ernest was suggested to the Action Plan group.

7e Clerk to contact Amey and request sign at northern entrance to village be moved to left hand side of road. Clerk

8 Correspondence None

9 Planning 10/01580/FUL – Erection of detached garage in front garden. Milton Room, Starey Close, Milton Ernest, MK44 1RX – the parish Council has no objections Clerk Allocations & Designations Document Concerns were raised over changes to boundaries around The Vicarage, Thurleigh Road, gardens on the South side of Thurleigh Road and that gardens behind houses on Radwell Rd backing on to the Playing Field had previously been outside the village envelope but were now included. Cllr Newman would like to support a cycle route. Cllr Inskip to draft response referring to relevant sections within the document i.e. gypsy site / boundary changes / cycle route. DI

10 Reports from Representatives

10a School Governors A Full Governing Body meeting was held on 23rd June 2010. The governors have interviewed and appointed a new clerk. A meeting of the Sharnbrook Trust was held on 30th June 2010 at which funding, federation and academy status were discussed.

10b Village Hall – nothing to report

10c Playing Field Committee – A meeting was held on 7th June 2010. Picnic benches will be concreted in during July. The zip wire is proving very popular. Matting for the sky carver was installed on 1st July and the equipment will be fully functional for the school holidays.

10d P3 – Mr D Kerr provided a comprehensive list of all the wild flower species now growing on Riverside Meadow. Cllr Inskip to feedback to Cllr Atkinson that she is the Parish Council representative on the P3 committee as a sub-committee of the Parish Council. Cllr Inskip will stay on the P3 committee to provide some continuity initially. P3 committee to set up it’s own bank account.

10e Village Fete – The fete was a success raising approximately £3460 for village organisations. This figure is slightly lower than 2009 but is still the second highest amount raised by the fete. For 2011 the issue of clearing up requires addressing with volunteers notified in advance that they will be required to stay and help clear up.

10f Neighbourhood Watch – A meeting was held on 29th June. All houses have now received packs and the committee are in the process of analyzing data of sign up to Ringmaster etc. The September edition of The ViIlager will include an article on crime in Milton Ernest which will also include contact numbers for Bedfordshire Police and the Neighbourhood Watch team. Cllr Harte will also be contacting the police to establish whether Community Support Officers could visit the village. A leaflet will be distributed in September. Reports have been received regarding bogus calls to villagers regarding supposed computer problems requiring remote access. KH

11 Members Calendar

12 Date of Next Meeting – 1st September 2010, 8.00pm, Milton Ernest Village Hall

The meeting closed at 10.30pm