Welcome to the Milton Ernest Parish Council Village website. Milton Ernest is located in North Bedfordshire and records date back to the Domesday book of 1086 when the various manors were listed. The spelling of the name has varied from time to time, being Middleton Ernys in the 13th century and Mylton Harneys or Harnes in the 15th and 16th centuries. Whatever the spelling, the first half of the name has meant only one thing, “Middle Farm”. The second half of the name is derived from the name of the main manor of the village and added in the 13th century to distinguish it from Bedfordshire’s other Milton (Bryant). In more recent times, the village was distinguished for its relationship with Victorian architect, William Butterfield, who constructed and renovated a number of buildings including Milton Ernest Hall. Now a nursing home, it is known internationally by fans of musician and band leader, Glenn Miller, who was stationed there during World War II.

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Milton Ernest Heritage Trail

Milton Ernest Heritage Trail